Camp At Winchester Va April 30th 1863
Dear Mother
I recieved your welcome
letter by John H, Sheads and was very
glad to hear from you but was very
sory to hear that you was unwell
I have had a bad cold for the last
week but it is some what better now
i have been taken meadcine all week
and on duty as thare was not a
nough of men here to do the duty
while the rest was away. They came
back yesterday Afternoon all safe
and sound thare were none Killed
or wounded they boys made a charge
and feched off the Dead and wounded
of the 13th Caverly of[f] the field the Reb
skidadeld as soon as they seen our
Regament Deployed as skirmeshers they
Dread uss very much one prisoner
that was taken said that our Reg has
gave them more truble than all the
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the rest of the men that was after them
they ware of Jones & Jenkins & Imboden [1]
Combined thare was 6 Killed & 8 or 10
wounded of the 13th they was in the thickest
of it the 12th Caverly P Vo. would not suport
the 13th that is the reason they lost so
many the men that was a long say
they dont see how our Reg got without
been Cut up as they had a very steep
hill to Climb they was one of our
men had his had knocked of and
a limb of a tree cut off with a
ball that he had a hold off The
boys ware sore and thare feet especaly
they were running around in thare
bare feet after they Came in they are
all lively and ready for another
Scout. To day is General muster
for pay we are buisy Cleaning
up again. About your house & lot
i think you had better do as you think
best for you know best it is not wrth
[Page 3]
much to you as it is now and i dont
think it will pay for to repair it so suit
yourself i would like very much like to
see you have a home of your own so
that you would not have to move about
for it is a big job As for the money
we send home i sent $70 & J $60.
you Can lay aside 70 fer me if you dont
need it and you need it lay any
what you Can spare the 60 Jack
sent he wants you to use it. Jack
has recieved no letter from Saly yet
Jack wants Dan to send him silk
enough to make a roundabout and
a yard of twist and some black thread
Leut. Baker will be home before long
his furlow Came aproved from Washington
Thare is nothing new here at present so
Good by from your Afecton Son
i will answer Dan when C E Skelly [2]
i recieve the things he sent love to Allthe
C E Skelly [3]

  1. Jones-Imboden Raid
  2. Name written to side
  3. Name written in right margin
April 30, 1863


Co. F, 87th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Adams County, PA


Residence (County): 
Adams County, PA


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Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
September, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2012

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