Oct 1861
The State of Kantucky Christian County
Der Brothers and sisters I take the present oportuny
to drop you a few lines to let you
that I am well once more and I hope these few
line will find you all well and being well I hant
eny [page crease] commissioned to you onlly
the boys is agiling? Better I think they will be able
to come out here in a few days I hardly know what
what to write for I have wrote and wrote all that
I no nearly the boys has found fifteen thousand pound
of lad they found apart of it in a graveyard they
saw a new grave and they did not know if eny
body that had did [1] lately and they went and
looked and it was ded and they found a large qua
ntity in his yard covered up with coal and they
brought it to the for ground only the prices migh
up one thousand we have got lots of lead I was mistaken
about the lead it is only about 7000 but
that is enough to kill a great many yankees I
think they are going to take it to Clarville
and have it molded but I dont no whether
they will or not we are 200 miles north of you and
we are right here with the enemy but they lie
how and [?] dark we are placed in a bad place
if the enemy was to come we are placed in a hollow
tthey would come upon every side and throw there
[page 2]
tell John [?] and [?]
[?] tell then that J. B. [?] is a[?]ting
well he did get the measles bad enough
tell M[?] Baldwin that the [?] was
powerful but off with the measles he is a
[??????] and Alfred Turney he did not
[line is blurred by page crease]
and Sara [?] tell Jack and ev
body and tell them that I send them my
best respects tell them all body
tell them that I want to see them all but
we are a long ways from each other but if
could git a letter from you I would be glad
I want to know what you are doing
and I will [fold in page] are gitin along [?]
I want you to write it is two for for [?] you to ask
it would cost you $5 to come up here and back
and dont look for now if you to come uphere
tell all my army friends that I send my best
respects to them so I must come to a close
I remind you affectionate brother till death
To A. W. Sandlin

  1. did = died
Date Note: 
October 1861


Co H, 43rd Mississippi Infantry and Co. B, 1st Mississippi Infantry
Private (later promoted to sergeant and lieutenant)
Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


Name Variant: 
Brothers and Sisters of Alfred W. Sandlin


From State: 
From County: 


To State: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Judith Bridges
Transcription Date: 
May, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
February, 2013

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