Camp in the woods near O.C.H. [1]
augst 18th /62
Mr Martin Jones
Kind & Beloved Pa
I wrote my last letter near
Gordonsville but since that time
we have marched to Orange C. H.
& at presant we are east of the R. R.
about 2 miles & have been since
yesterday morning waiting orders
for some other point not known
to us the yanks are near from what
I can learn but are on the retreat
thought to be trying to get somewhe[re?] [2]
under the shelter of their gun boats
if they are not successfull we will
have some warm work soon but
have force plenty to whirp them
when ordered to try our hand
and soon I think we will have the
last yank out of Va if our Officers
does their duty before ther enemy has
time to reenforce by the last call
made my Old abe which I think
they will do as we have some able
Officers in command
[page 2]
Pa I am only writing that you may
know where and how I am. my
health is only tolerable good but
I am yet able to be with the company
& to attend to my duty & in a few
days I think I will be well
My weight is as much as it
has been since I left home I
weigh 154 lbs in shirt sleaves
Pa in my last to sack I wrote for
you to send me ance if you thought
he would be safer hear than at home
not that I need him verry bad my
duty is not as much as it has
been as I have a great many things
done for me by the servants of
the company but that I thought
their would not be half the
danger of his going to the yanks
from hear as their would be
from home I also [proffered?]
to pay $175 a year for him not
that I really need the boy but
that I think you would loose
nothing by sending nor I
by giveing that price as I
will have a chance of makeing
[page 3]
that much with him & it will
be no loss to either of us do as
you think best in this if you
fail to send him hou nead not
send E for I can get a long
very well without either of them
Pa I meed nothing in the way of
clothing ecept my boot if they are
not worn out one pr of pts & as many
prs socks as ma & sack & the
wishes to send I have a No 1 over
Coat for the winter you may
send my hat if it has not
been worn out if it has I have
a very good cap & you ned not
send any thing in the way of
a hat
I can say nothing more of
interest and as I have some
buisness to attend to for the com
I will close by stating this is
a family letter for the benefit of
all and that I am not receiving
more tha one or two letters from
the family a month this I think
is in the fault of the mail as I receive
a now and then a letter
[page 4]
from 20 to 20 days back date
my best respet to my friends
and relations and love to the young
ladies who may enquire after
my welfare
I hope this may reach you
all in the enjoyment of good
health I sign my name as
your only son at arms Jams. T. Jone[s]
Direct your letters to me at
Orange C. H. Co F 12th Regt Miss Vol

N.B. Pa in several of my last
letters home I have requested you
and mr low to join our Comp
if you joined at all but unless
you think their is danger of
your homes being invaded I
I advise you to stay at home
but if you can influence mr
Low to come to this Com do so
as I would like for us to be
together and I think this is a better
soldiers Country than Miss
let me hear from home soon
yours truly J. T. Jones 1st Sgt
of Co F 12th Regt Miss Vol

  1. Orange Court House
  2. Last two letters cut off in photocopy
August 18, 1862


Co. F, 12th Mississippi Infantry
Residence (County): 
Panola County, MS


Residence (County): 
Panola County, MS


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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
May, 2014
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