Bowling Green Ky jan the 16 1862
dear aunt I take my pen
in hand to let you know
how I am getting along I am
well and doing well though
I have been pestered with
cold [???] I think I will
be well in A few days the
health of camps is very good
with the exception of colds
I think we will all be well
in a few days,,
We have the coldest wether
up here that has m[??] [one?]
this winter the ground is
frozen this morning
I have no news to communicate
[to?] you that will intrest you
I do not think we will [meat?]
the yankeys before before next
Spring,, if we do they will
have to attact us here at
bowling Green if they do try
us here in our fortifications we
are shure of victory unless they
bring their whole united force
aganst us,, they make
threats to come on us if they do
a great number of them had
better pr[?] [?] [??] winter
quarters,, I have not hird from
home since I left,, I am very
[page 2]
anxious to here from home,,
uncle John has not been well
for the feu days though he is on
the mend No more excuse all bad
writing & spelling and I will do
better next time So I will close my
letter by saying I remain yours
as ever Bun[?] Brown

Sallie I will write you a few lines
though I have not a word of news I am just
getting over a very severe spell of cold
it appears like I cant get use to camp
life the general health of the company
is good I have almost come to the
conclusion that the yankeys will not
visit us at this place atall this is a
much colder country than mississippi
though we have nothing to do only
build fires and sit by them and
cook a little now and then my
clothes are lasting me very well I
shall not need any more untill I
come home write to me soon and
let me know how mother stood
her trip to Alabama and what
She done how the property Sold
and all about your home affairs
nothing more but remains
J T. Culbertson

January 16, 1862


Co. F, 14th Mississippi
Residence (County): 
Winston County, MS
Co. F, 14th Mississippi Infantry and 35th Mississippi Infantry
Private (later Corporal)
Residence (County): 
Winston County, MS


Name Variant: 
Aunt of James B. Brown
Residence (County): 
Winston County, MS
Name Variant: 


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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
March, 2009
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
March, 2009

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