May 18th 1862
The State of Virginia Richmond
my verry Dear and affectionate
Wife it is with the gratest of pleasure
that I Seat my Self to let you
know how I am a giting along this
it is the first oportunity that I have had
to give you the full history of
our travils. sinc We have been march-
ing most all the time ever Since
we have been out we have taken
cold and rain ever since we have been
here they made us send off all of our
things frm yorktown to Wiliams-
Burg and thare they was burnt up
and we are left only with one suit
of clothes and one blanket a piece
and times are hard here they have
have marcht us two days on pach
corn and from that time we have
been drawing two and three crackers a
day only and Bill Miles and me
went out and bought a Shote and
our captain took it away from us
[page 2]
[they?] are no telling who will come safe [1]
through this battle I may come through
Safe and I many not but I want to
put you in a way if I should So unfor-
tunately git killed here to draw my
wages from the 4th Miss. Regiment they
is no doubt but what you can draw
this that are comeing here most any time
I want you if I should git killed to
wright to Carol county Miss Caralton
Pa to gid harris and tell him that
you are my Wife and that I got killed
here and wrote to you before the Battle
come off and he requested me to tell you
you to wright .to .Capt. J. J. [Jee?] to pay
you all my wages that are comeing to
to me they are 69 .dollars a comeing
to me from the confedercy and nine dollars
from the state and twenty five
dollars for Cloathing money I want
you lizay lizey if I should git
killed to take it fare and easy for
I never could die more honorable death
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I feel that I am a fighting for you[r] [2]
liberty and the liberty and privolige[s?]
of my little children I have one
request to ask of you and that is [if?] I
should git killed here to treat my
Children the best you can and never
let them forgit me I wouould advise
you if you have a chnace of marrying agin
a man that you think would be good
to you and the Childrin to do So
for when I am dead and goen I am no
more but I am satisfied that the
last thing that will ever leave my
mind will be you and the little
childrin the hardest that I ever expect
to fight is my absance with from
my famly I want you to hug and
ciss my little babe three times a day
for me tell them that I say for them
to be good childrin and tell mary
Jane please mam to send paw
a glass of butter milk So lizy
[I?] havent been to Say [w?]
[page 4]
So lay lizy I havent been to Say
well in a week or two but I keep
knocking a bout So I must come
to a close I want you to wright
to me as Soon as this letter comes
to hand I have wrote you five or
Six letters and I hant never recved
an answer from you yet I am
ancios to heer from you
Wiley Baloo is dead he Died yester-
day at the hospitle at richmond
Direct your letter to Richmond. Va.
2ond Miss. Reg. Co. C. to the cear of capt
P A Scales So lizy fare well
J. V. Fuller to Elviry .E. Fuller

my Dear Mother a few words to
you I hardley consider it necessery
to mention any thing about our
condition here here to you for
you will hear the true State-
ment in lay lizys letter
[page 5]

I only want to say to you that
it seems that you and lizy has
for got me but I want to let you
know that I have not for got
you I have wrote you severl
letters and I have never got an
answer from you yet I want
you to write as soon as
this letter comes to hand
Mother if I Should unfortu-
nately fall upon battle field
or die from any camp diseases or
any other camp accidences I want
you to take good ceare of my
wife and famly I fell my Self
under many obligations to you
I feel that I am dew you to thousand
times thanks for the good treatment
and [tender?] panes that you have
taken with my wife and little
helpless Infants I hope that you
will be rewarded at the Judg
ment day for your kindnesses
[page 6]
I would be mighty prowd
to se you all but I am a
fraid that that time is a long
ways of[f] I want you to write
to me whare Jeff and huse is and
write how they are a giting along
and tell them to write to
me tell them how and where
to write tell all the Chil-
dren hody for me thare is one
thing that I for got to mention
to lizy our pay list is made
out and thare is a talk of us
a drawing money to day or to
morow and if we do I will
send her some money the
first chance I have and tell
her that I want her to divide
with you as long as She has
got a dollar for I dont feel like
I could ever do two much for
you So I must bring my
[lell?] letter to a close
[page 7]
J V fuller To
Mary. J. Loocus
I Started to write these
on the 18th may But I was
cold off on guard and this
is the 20th. I want you to
excuse my bad hand wright
for I haft to wright on my knee
William Mother I Request of you
to tell Sally that I would have
wrote to her about the Death of
Wiley Baloo but I never heard
of it till I had my letter cealed
up and Sent off

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May 18, 1862


Co. H, 4th Mississippi Infantry and Co. C, 2nd Mississippi Infantry
Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


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Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
April, 2014
M. Ellis
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May, 2014

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