27 62
Guard Quarters Richmond July

Dear Wife
tunity of writing to you As I have an oppor-
I thought that I would write you a
feu lines to inform you that I
am well at present and am in good
spirits I am at presant on detached service
in richmond guarding prisners although I
dont expect to remain long here I have been
here for about 6 weeks I expect this
letter to get to you through the hands
of a friend that I feel Just as safe as a
Brother I request of him to kiss my little
children for me and tell them that
I am not far behind I dont [????] the
[????] looks although I may never see
them agan Lise cherfully ciss them
and tell them that their pa is not
far behind he will be along after awhile and
not do like their fathers done put off [neglecting?]
the salvation of their sole untill the last
peried of life for fear the [greatest?] monster
might ride up the [trungirm?] tigre
to cut them down learn them Lizzie
to love the Lord while they are young
while the tenderest of my heart is with
them you know that I am not worthy of
giving them advice and am in hopes
youil youse your tender [pains?] with them
you must write to me as soon as you get
[page 2]
this letter for I have not received but
one letter from you since I have been out
it seemes that you have forgotten me
tell ma that she has never wrote any
to me yet and I [feel?] at loss too no
what to say to her but I am in hopes

she will heer [up?] [not?] think this is the
last year [we?] have to live write me the
news in general I [??] remember the Regt and
co that you said the boys belong to
I expect you to write in full so that
it can bee understood for I want to
write to them so Lizze I must
bring my letter to a close by giving

you my love and best respects until
death write to me soon and often
for your letters are [sweter?] than the
roses in June and send me some
more of Mary Janes hair Dear mother
a word too you you said you intended
to take good care of my family until
I came home I feel myself under a
thousand abligations to you besides ten
thousand thanks for the tender [?????????]
youve taken with my wife and little helpless
infants mother [???] them up and take
[page 3]
good care of them for me as you
have already don I would of sent you
my degauratype but my money was
all stold from me which is not
only my misfirtune but the misfirtun
of meney and I was not able to have

it taken as it cost a great deal her
but I will have it taken and send
it to you the first chance If I should
happen to get killed here and bee
planted upon the green fields of
Virgina weep not for me when I am
gon belive the warters deep where
birds may morn and friends may weep

oh bear me where birds may morn
and friends are near so fare well for
a while my darling Mother and wife
may heaven bless you and protect you
and when you are called from earth
may you bee called carried on wings
of angels to the golden city of the new
Jerusulem is the prayers of your ever
true and [????] husband and son unitl
J V Fuller to Mary J

June 27, 1862


Co. H, 4th Mississippi Infantry and Co. C, 2nd Mississippi Infantry
Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


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Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
April, 2014
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
May, 2014

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