Culpeper C. H. Va March 5th 1863
Mr B Shepard
Dear frien I have received your letter
of th 2nd of this month and was truly gld to hear frome
you all, I have been detailed as one of the regular provost
guard at this place, our camp is about 2 miles frome Town
this place is near the size of Farmville, Thaddeous is well.
he was here the other night at the concert, I have not been in
Tats company much since he returned frome home.
I fare much better here than I did with the wagons, my duty
is light, I only stand guard 4 hours 2 in the day & 2 at night
My health is very good I feel no bad affect frome being expo
sed to colde weather while driving the wagons.
I am very sorry that you & Parry has ben put to so mutch
trouble searching for my stolden property I suspition
ed John at first but did not know whether he was in
the neighborhood this year or not I cautioned Mariah
about him before I left home I did not think any one else
would be very apt to brake in the hous except John
I tolde Mariah before I left home to pack my cloths away
& keep the door locked up stairs, if she had done so John
could not have got them so easy. I expect Mrs Stinsons
Phil Stolde the axe blanket &c Tell Mariah & Ben that
they must try & get the cloths frome the negores that John
says he solde them to I dont recken it will be worth while
to move any thing frome my house as John is now in Jail
it will be the commonwealths business to take him in
hand, I dont suppose that he will be suffered to run
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at large any more in our neighborhood.
You can sell the tobacco when you think proper,
I am not in kneed of any more cloths yet.
When you see Richard Ganaway, ask him if Thom Clai
borne has taken in his bond. I have not received pay
for my horse yet but expect to get his value in money
& other horse . I dont care to have a horse here now as
the horses are fareing very badly.
Yankee prisoners are brought her every day taken
by our scouts. 16 were sent frome here to Richmond
this morning. I have nothing more to write to you
at this time hopeing when these few lines reach you
they may fine you all well, Give my respects
to your family. the little girls in particular
& to all other enquireing friends
Very respectfully youre
Geo. K. Evans

March 5, 1863


Co. K, 4th Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Buckingham County, VA


Residence (County): 
Buckingham County, VA


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March, 2011
M. Ellis
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October, 2012

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