Ganesvill Ala
July the 9 /.62
Dear Betty wee have got to this place
safe and sound and I am hyly pleased
it shuly is a delightful plase it is a bu
tiful little town and well situated &
clever people and prety women plenty
Wee left Okalona Monday
at eleven oclock in the morning &
got to Artezian Monday night and lay-
over till yestoday morning & and got hear
at fore yesterday evening and pitch
our tents in a nice place. fixed up
brush harbors before the tent doors.
wee are like white folks hear. wee
have the best springs I ever saw
and the river is close by our tents. I
washed of[f] this evening and put on clean
cloths I feel a little better.
I am now one hundred and tenn or fif-
teen or twenty miles from home but
it seams that I am near home
I think it is likely that we will
stau hear some time and I think we
will find plenty of friends hear
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Betty I can imagine that you think that
I am exposed and live a hard life in camp but
you nead not have any such wery true
it is not at home with you all I dont
expect that in the arumy but it suits
me very well my health is very good
at this time and as long as it is I can do
myty well so be contented and take
things easy kiss all the children for
me. tell them to be good children
Tell your ma she must right to
me. I would like to hear from her some
time. also octavia she could rigt
if she would try hard. I would like to know
if you have heard from Lins or not. whether
from from William Johnson or Jasper
Billy is well and the health of the
Reg. is prety good at this time.
crops are sufering for rain hear as
bad as at home If want to send [??]y
from home [M?] Davis Sam Bowden will
be coming down. I have plenty of cloths at present
nothing mor at present but rigt soon
Your true husband J J Davis good by

July 9, 1862


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


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Michael Ellis
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May, 2014
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