Shannon Miss July the 17 1862
Dear husband I received your letter
last night I was verry aunctious to heare
from you your letter was a long time acomeing
we are all well except Jimmy he has been
verry sick but he is aheap better now I donot
know what ales him but this bad bowel compla[int]
I had the doctor with him day before yesterdy
I donot want you to ever come home without leaf
if you hear that wee are all dying they have shot
several up above hear for comin home with [out]
leaf when willy told me about you going
to sleep on gard it hurt me worse than any
thing that has ever crosed my road I donot
want you to sit down when you are standing
guard and I do feel under many obligation
to your Capt for not reporting you if he was hear I would treat
him with a good drink of wine I wish you
had some, I have got 2 gal I am goind to save
for you if it be a year before you get it
I have nothing new to write except we had a
fine rain last night and looks verry much
like rain to day I have not herd from Lindsy
William nor Jasper I hope Lindsy is not
kild I seen tha list of the miss boys Bill Bell
is killed and I herd that John Bell was killed
also Jim Atkins wouned several others killed
[page 2]
and wounded that I know but I cant think
hoo thay are thare was a man told me that
got away from prison that Bud Robberts
never was taken prisiner so he must have
been killed I will tell you how my good
friend Mr. Dayly has done what was so willing
and anxtious to do for me before you left
I never sent him no work until last week
and he sent me word that he would not
do my work without the cash and I sent
back and got the things he works for the
neighborhood on a credit for I have made
inquirey I would not pay him the cash now
if I had a bank of money Thomas has got
a discharge he is going to lodidal springs [1]
to morrow to see if he can get in thare
to wait on the sick Octavy is at Dic Ivys
he is at home sick about to dye and his child
is verry bad two he come home with [out?] a f[u]rlow
to see his child and taken verry bad himself
I do not know what they will do with him if he lives
some of mas folks stays with me at night
we are getting along verry well I do mity well
until babe gets to criin for you to come home
she take some hard cryes and ask me what
makes her Pa stay so long it is my dayly
prair to my God that he may protect you
and I beleve he will anser my prairs I beleve
he gives me strenth to bare what I have to bare
[page 3]
the Cildren is learning faster now than
when they went to scool I dot my breast
pin I do not think it is as good alikeness
the other but I like it verry well you did
not write how far you was off the railroad
I want to hear from you once a wek
give my love to Billy and respecs to all
of your mess maits nothing more at preasent
but remains your affection wife until Death
E J Davis
do not neglect to write often

  1. Lauderdale Springs
July 17, 1862


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


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Michael Ellis
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May, 2014
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