Ganesville ala
July the 19” /.62
Dear Betty I have just receved
yours of the 17” and was verry glad
to hear from you and the famleu at
last I thaught it a long time coming
but I recon it come to hand soon a
nuff. I am thankful to hear that you
are all well and doing well if
you will just hold out so
I am getting along myty well my
self at this time get [lenty to eat
of biscuit and molasses meat rice and
good watter I live much better
and enjoy it bett than I thought I would
the fother I get from home the better I am
satesfied I would like to see home but not
as bad as you might serpose. we have prair
meeting every night
Betty I did not intend to cause any une
asness by sending you word about my
sleeping I new there wase no danger
at okalona. if we ware at the yank[??] [I?]
could not be hired to slep at all
[page 2]
you aught to know that I have sens
anuff not to place my self in ay danger
of that kind I expect to take care of my
self in every respect so as if the Lord is
wiling I may reach home safe and sound
I think I can say as one of old the Lord
is my Shepard I shal not want he ma-
kes me to ly down on green pasturs &c
for I fear no eavle none of the eavles nor
sin and wickedness of camp shal come
over me for his rod and staff shal com-
fort me. I try to live humble and near
the cross so you nead not be uneasy
at all I think that I am on the good
side of the ofersers and most espesherly
the Col. so I think I will fair fine,
It is not worth while for me to rite
to you to live humble for I know that
you will pray for me and you have
[?????] to do so and no one can hinder you
nor make you a fraid and I have a perfect
[????] to beleve he will anser it for the
fervent prair of the writious availith mutch
[page 3]
you must teach the children to do arite
tell Martha to be a good girl and Willa to
be a good boy tell them that sees and
knows what they do. tell Bale I will
come home some time tell Virge to
learn fast, If Thomas has not gone
below, tell him to come by our camps
he can come to this plase on the cars it is
only 20 miles from Ganesville jucktion.
we are one mile from town
you never said whether your Ma had
sold my mule and wagon or not and
nothing about your hogs and cows
chicken eggs butter how mutch corn
you have got your potatoe patch
your corn up at mosses how mutch
meat you have got how you are get
ting along with your loom Mother
have you got them papers fixed up
if you have not you must do it soon
Tell Octavia to be of good cheer and happy
nothing more present but remain your husb[??]
truly untell death Good by, J J Davis
good good, by hunney
[page 4]
Tell Mrs Johnson I wil write to
her as son as I get a chance tell her
and her folks I would like to see
them verry mutch. Tell her she must
rite to me also Mary, Martha and
Robert must rite to me. tell Mrs
Johnson I feal a little interested in
her affairs I would like to know how she
is getting along what kind of a crop
she has. whether she is perishing or
not if Mr Thomas Park has made
himself rich or not, I would like
to hear from your grand Fathers folk
how they are getting a long
Betty you must rite to soon as
[???] you can take time and rite
a heap Give my respects to all
of my neighbors and inquiring friends
give my respects to ant Polla Eliza
[?????] I would like to hear from
Mr Paynes folks , Back your letter
Mr J. J. Davis
Ganesville ala
care of capt veasy
43 Miss Reg

July 19, 1862


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


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Michael Ellis
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May, 2014
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