Ganesville Ala July 27” /62
Dear Betty I seat myself to in
form you that I am well at this
time and hope theas fiew lines may
find you enjoying the same blessing
Betty I have nothing new to write to
you more than the death of Gus Rodgers
he died this morning about one oclock
his complaint was typhoid and pneumonia
he was confined to his bead about ten
days he bore his sickness pasiantley and
we his brother Soldiers shall miss him
in our hearts and wee shall grately
simpathize with his folks on the account
of his loss but I hope ther loss is his
[remainder of page too difficult to read]
[page 2]
Betty I have not received the second
letter from you yet. I would like to
hear from you all very mutch you must
write to me as often as you can let
me know what all is going on at home
I want to hear from the children and
would like to see you all verry mutch
I wish you would send me your mothers
and Verges degareetips by the first chanc it
may be som satisfaction to me and if they are
destroyed it will not [be a kiling?] matter
and when I get tired of them I can send
them back home. I saw Mary Cam[??]
picture to day and dun me a heap of [good?]
Huney if you have not my [?????]
to [be?] made you had better not make
Them and in the plase of working at them
make me some winter shirts I think
I do on what I have got till fall
I am a feard I can not get shoes unless
you can get them made at home they
are hier hear then they are at home
I bought you a blank book to youse
as letter paper being paper is [so scars?] thear
[page 3]
if I had money I would send you several
little things but I have oly got $3.50 ct but
think we will draw some in a few days
tell the children they aught to have seen me
washing and ironing the other day. I washed
two shirts one pair of pants one pair draws and
socks and hankerchief dyrictly and I cook some
times two fryen flitters &c our cook ran away
and has gone home.
Betty I am verry well satisfied hear it is a ples
ant lace to camp and ladies a plenty they come
out to see us drill every evening we have
co. drill in the morning bat. drill at 11 oclock
in the evening dress parade at [??????????]
know how wee will stay hear if we
have to go to tennessee I do not ceare how soon
Make me a pair of suspenders (galises) and send them
to me the first chance
Tell Octavia to be a good girl and write to
me soon take good care of your self and
the children train them as we have all ways
tried to train them nothing more at
present but remain
your husband truly untill death J, J, Davis
[page 4]
in the morning
Betty the good spared my life to
see anothe morning sun rise and as he
he has I take my pen to write you a
few more lines I am well this morning
and have just come off of drill I cannot think
of any thing to write to you this morning
The boys all send you their best respect
most espesherly this mess
Tell Octavia her swete hart sends her
his best love and respect and says she
must write to him soon
Tell willa to be a good boy and I
send him a little ax the firs chance I get
we have prear meeting hear every night
and the boys takes a heap of intrust in it
and I hope that mutch good will be
done heare There has not but verry little
rain heare yet it verry dry. but from
what I have heard hope you have had a
plenty. nothing more I must go and cook
dinner Mr J. J. Davis
Ganesville ala.
care of capt veasee
43 Miss Reg

July 27, 1862


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


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Michael Ellis
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May, 2014
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