Shannon Miss Aug the 1, 186[2]
Dear husband I take my pen in hand
to inform you that we are all well at this time
and hope these few lines may find you enjoying
the same blessings I have nothing knew to write you
as I wrote you about all I could think of last
Saturday but you did not write to me whether
you received my letter or not but I guess you
had wrote your letter before Mr Dan Bouyd got
thare Mas family is all well Grandfather has
had dome mity sick negrose but they are all
better now Ma says yies Mr Park is gettink
rich fast enough and acting verry tryfling
winter and some of grandfathers negrose workd
over that corn of myne it taken them two
days and Mr Park would not help one bit
you wrot to me abut getting you som shoes
made I will try to get you some made if I
can but it is the hardest matter to get shoes
here of any thing else I tryed ever whare
around here to get me some and have not got
non yiet you wrot about being scarce of mony
if I thought you would not draw some soon
I would send you alittle but I will have to
pay for your shoes if I can get them and I
get along so slow carding and spinning that
I want to buy awright smart factory thread
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we can get thread hear now by giving
6 dollars for the short bails but it is not a hard
matters to make money now Ma made Thomas
a shirt last week and a soldger staid theare
sunday night and he beged ma to take $10 for
it but ma would not let him have it I have
maid 23 dollars since you have been gone and
matta made 1 dollar I got 12 dollars for 3 gals of
wine I will send them degaritipes if I can
I do not know whether Mr Boyd can carry
any thing or not when I wrote to you last
my hogs was doing myty well I but I had
one to dye night before last and two more
look like they will dye tell William Robberts
that grandfather was here to day and told
me to tell him that he was well and was
glad to get a letter from him he said he was
such a bad hand to write he wanted me to
send a few lines to him tell him that
grandfather said if he was there he could get
some watermileons but as for peaches they are
not wripe yeit I have not seen a wripe watermil[??]
this year but I have got som mity pretty
vines and a heap of young watermilleions and
my pretty potater vines I cannot think of any
thing else to write now but take good care of
yourself I miss you mitily as home is not home
without thee give my love to Billy and respects
to all inquiring friends nothing more at presant E J Davis

August 1, 1862


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


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Michael Ellis
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June, 2014
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