Shannon Miss Aug the 5th 1862
Dear husband I received yours of the 30
and was glad to hear that you was well but sorry
to hear that you had been sick if I had any way
to send you some wine I think it would keep you
from being sick much I wrote you a letter and
sent it down to Mr Boyds last week but he is
sick and I herd yiesterday he had not gone and
they did not know when he woud be able to go
so I thought you would be aunxious to hear from
home and I would send you one by mail I sent
them degaritypes down to Mr Boyds and a pair
of drores and some cake I thought your oldest
pair of drores you tok dow there must be wairing
out by this time and it was an old pair I sent you
and if you have to move from there and have
two many close you can throw the worst pair
away I like he ring you sent me mity well
what did you make it our of it is two little
for my middle finger the children taken on
mitily about it it fit mattas fow finger but I
will not give it to her unless I had one a little
smaller for Vurga I like my paper you sent
me mity well but I do not expect to youse
it as long as I have any other I think mas has
used all of that brown wosted like your shirt
but I recon I can get something to make you
a jacket out of I know hoy [1] want it maid
I have seen a heap of them kind of jackets lately
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I wrote in the letter that I sent to A P Boyd
that one of my big shotes had died and I thought
two more would dye but them two has recoverd
I think they will live but I have not a year of
corn to feed them on I have 2 of them little
shotes that I kept up in a pen fatting but I will
have to kill one I recon and turn the other one
out as I have not got corn to feed them on I have
never got any corn but that ten bushel I got
from Mr Mets and I had it all ground up in
meal I have not got them papers fixt yeit
I sent spstial word to most last weeke to meet
me at Mas but I have not seen nor heard from
him since I recond I will have to go to his
house to get them fixt as I can never get to see him
without going there you wrote in your letter before
this last that you wanted me to have you some
shose maid I will get them maid if I can
but I have tryed all arond here to have me some
maid and have not got any yiet I recond you
have heard of Mr Mets death Cate Bowden had
twins but one of them dyed you said you was w[a]iting
to hear of William being home I do not think you
will hear it so[o]n wee heard late news that they would
not be any prisoners exchanged they say they expect a
fight at Saltillow that is in 18 miles of us the army
is most all left up at Tupilow gone to tenn I want
to see you mity bad I dreamp night before last that you
come home and when I awoke I was sadly disapoined
when I ask Jimmy where his pa is he points his fingers
up the road and says now now E J Davis

  1. hoy = how you?
August 5, 1862


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


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Michael Ellis
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May, 2014
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