Ganesville ala Aug. 7 /.62
Betty I seat my self to write you
a few lines to let you know that I am
in tolerable health at this time though
I have not got well of the dierear yet but
I am better. I have been wating patiently
to hear from home by Mr. Boyed but he
has not go back yet I fear thear is some
thing the matter with him
Betty I have no news to write to you at
time more than what you have heard
I sepose they have had a nother fight in Va.
and we whipted out nicely but do not
know how true it is. I am look-
ing for the fort donnelson boys yet I
hope they are at home at this time I wish
I could be thear to see Mr[s] Johnson cut up
when she meats William I dreamed about
Jasper last night and you and all the
children I recon Octavia has marred
and run away I can not hear from her
wher is she let me know what has
become of her
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Mr Boyed boy has not got well yet
he improves mity slow we have hiered a
boy for one week to do our washing and cooking
at 4 dollars per week he is a verry good washer
if ben does not get well I donot know what
we will do for a cook un less your grand Father
will let me have one he might do it and
make more then he is making at home
I would like to see you all [at?] mity well
see the children run and play over the yard
and house I want to see will and everything els
Liz I saw a mity prety sight yesterday
the day was calm everything still and searious
our preacher baptised two me in the
river Jorden and it made me think back
to the time John the baptist baptised our
blessed Savior in the river Jorden it was
a butiful sight. let me know how your
crops are doing and if you think you will make
enuf to do you. what are you doing for salt
Nothing at present but remain a true
Husband till death
write to me soon as you can J J Davis
good by

August 7, 1862


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


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Michael Ellis
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June, 2014
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