Shanon Miss Aug the 16 1862
Dear hysband I take my pen in hand
to let you know that we are all well
at this time and hope this will find you
enjoying the same good blessing I would like
to know whare you are I have not heard
yiet whether you have gone up to tupilo or not
if I had knew what day that you would went
up I would have tride to went to Shannons
but I have taken my seat in the piaser every
morning this week and watched for you to come
I long the hour to come when we can live happy
to gather as we allways have done for it is a
hard trial for me to live away from you
when you get up to tupilow I will try to go
up thare and carry the children if I can get
any way to go if you can not come home
me and Octava both went to knitting you some
socks after I received your letter but they are
cotton I thought they would do until I could
get you some wool ones knit I would have
had you some knit before this time but
your Ma got her cards away and I have got
not cards to card wool with I will send them
to you the first chance I have after we get
them done I am so lonesom here without
you that I tride to get Robbert to take your place
but there is no use in trying him he say he is
going in a Cavilary Co[m]p when he gose and some
[page 2]
men is giving such big prices to get substitutes
one man that was drafted give Mr Dayly
11 hundred dollars in cash to take his place ma has
sold black Jinny got 1 hundred and 65
dollars for her you spoke like you would
draw some money before you left gainsville
mr Atkins said he would be along here tomorrow
and if he comes I will send you 8 dollars
by him I would send you 20 but I think you
would not like to have it in large bills and 20
is the least I have got except this 8 and if you
want more let me know and I will send it
to you Mr Ridings is going up there as soon
as he gets well he is sick I do not want you
to stint your self I want you to by watermillen
or any thing you want for it all gose in life
time you wanted to know what I was doing
for salt most bought me one of them little
peck sacks when he was in mobile he has
sent to get me a half abarrel of molasses I
donot know whether I will get them or not
Octavy told me to tell you that she was hear
yiet and was going to stay here tell the war
ends or tell you come home Octavy is a mity good
girl She helps me aheap and me and her gets
along as well to gether as any body Francis Johnson
is hear now and is going to stay a few days I
do not think of any thing else to write at this time
nothing more at present but remains your affectionate wife
E J Davis

August 16, 1862


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


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Michael Ellis
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May, 2014
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