Saltillo Aug 17” /.62
Dear Betty I received your letter
mr Atkins was verry glad to hear
from you and that you ware all well
I am in good health though I
feal a little bad this morning. we
landed hear last night safe and
sound I ware in hopes the cars would
have stayed at shanon last night then
I would have come out home but they
did not stop at all. I would like
to see you all mity well but I do
not know when I shall get the chance
they are going to be mity tight on us
now but all right I recon I thought
it was mity bad to pass in 5 miles of home
and not come home but that is nothing. some
of our men come in sight of home and I
could see their folks waving there hankerchief
at them and they could not go by I could not
keep from crying but as I said before
the lord is my healper he serports
me in my distresses I feal his presance
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every day of my life. I drawed six dollars
this week of company funds and we may
draw our monthly wages shortly. if
we do I will have money plenty you
trust your money to the best advant-
age let Octavia have some when she want
it for as you say she is a myty good girl
we are in nine or ten miles of the
yankes at this time. there is a heap of
our men hear at this time tell Robert
if he could see the calverry horses he
would not join them hee had better come up
and so then he will know Mr Petagre
lives in three miles of this place. unkle Lessey
Hunt lives in a half mile. I think I
will go out to see them when I get
time. Tell your mas folks I would
like to see them myty will. you
must be contented and think of
people whoo is in a wors fix than you are
give my best respects to all who may
inquire after me so nothing more at pres
ent but remain your true husband until death
J J Davis good by Betty

August 17, 1862


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


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Michael Ellis
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May, 2014
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