Saltillo Miss Aug 28”
Dear Betty I am in better health
the morning then I have been in
some time and as I am doing so
well I seat my self to inform you
of my good health and when this
comes to you I hope it will find
you injoying the same. I heard from
you this morning by Mary Ramage
she got hear night before last but I
never seen her untill this morning
for I have just come off of picket
gard I went on yesterday morning and
came in this morning and I like it
mity well had nothing to do hardley
at all it is fun there is nothing
new in camps this morning more
all are in good sperits and the
health us orety good at this time. there
has come in some favorable news for
peace this morning and I do hope the
time will soon com that has been
prayed for so long there has been
[page 2]
so many tears shead so many sights
so mutch weping on the account of
this war. the good lord that wee
love will send us peace and hapeness
once more to our unhappy land soon
we have no right to dout it at all
for he has promacd to answer the
prayers of thee righteous so hole up
your head and look beyond trbles look
on the bright side some times as old
ant pegy said every bitter has its
sweet and every sweet has its bitter
it is a consolation to me that we have
been trying to live right and humble
be ore God we have done the best
we new how and wee know that thee
Lord has blessed us more than wee
could ask of him now if we had lived
[bad?] to gether this thing would not have been
half so bad on us so we have had our
sweet and know comes the bitter ask
and he will help you sertain
[page 3]
if I had know famley this war would
not pester me at all I would take a
pleasure in it. as it is it hard for
me to be seperated from you all it
would be better if I could stay at home
but it can not be so now. though
I can submit to it it could be mutch
wors so let things pass of[f] as easy
a posable. I did in tned to go to Mr
Petagres to day but I dould not get a
horse to ride I think I shal go to morr
ow and eat dinner with them Last satur
day evning the orders were to pak up and
be redy at a minute worning but we
have not left yet nor dont know when
Tell the children hody for me and
tell them to behave them seves right
and mind what you tell them tell
Octavia she can write to other folks
but she cant write to me at all
you must send me some shoe
strings when you send my shoes
so nothing at present but
remain your husband till death J J Davis
good by Betty [???]
[page 4]
Betty ask your ma waht she thinks
a bout getting Mr Peabrew to go down
and stay at my place. if she thinks
it will verry well let me knnow
and I will see him a gane a bout it and
if not it is all right tell her
I leave it to her he would keep
the fenses all up and tend the ground
and you can not tend it at all
he probably would be a help to you
you must write to me as soon
as you can back your letter
Mr J. J. Davis
Saltillo Miss
Care of Cpt Veasy
43 regt Miss Volt
If we stay hear long you must
come up a gane if you can

August 28, 1862


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
June, 2014
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