Baldwen Miss Sept 25”
Dear Betty it is now past 10 oclock
I have just finished cooking my rashins
and seat my self to inform you that
I am well at this time and hope this may
find you injoying the same and may God
still bless you in that respect and in all
others. I have noth new to write to you
at this time. I think we will leave
hear to morrow morning but I do not
know where we will got ot it may be
we will got to corrinth and may be
to Holley springs I know not where
for sertain but let me go where we may
I hope God will go with me and sus-
tain me it may be some time before I
hear from you a gain but I hope not.
I would be contented to go if I thout you
would not truble for me you must be
contented & make your self hapy and take
good cear of the children and rais them
right to love searve God. I feal
like I want to help to drive the yankes back
[page 2]
from our land it is awful to see the mis-
chief theu are doing hear in this country
then we can be a hapy people
Tell Mrs Johnson I think of her
and her folks every day and would like
to see them and if the yankys get down
there she must send her negroes off. I
recon they take a heap of them of[f] with
them. tell her to make her self easy
tell Octavia I will write to her as soon
as I get time. tell Willa to be a good
boy and keep good company and I send
him and Henry a prety to put on ther
hats. I have not seen Mr Ha[????] yet
will see him in the morning. Billy W[??]
and Mr. Boyd are gone to the hospitle at
Okolona Thomas is well at this time
Mr Andrews says you all have not heard
from us yet I wrote a letter when I left gu-
ntwon and at Iuka and when I got hear at this
place. nothing more at this time but remain
your husband till death. write as soon
as you can by hand good by hony J. J. Davis

September 25, 1862


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
May, 2014
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