[1] Lawrence County Mis April 24th 1862
Dear brother
I am once more permitted to
address you by wirtng you a few lines
I can inform you that my family are
all well at this time and as for my silfe I am
minding the wound in my nik is doing
very well my hand is the worst I have no
use of it is very much Swellon at times it
pains me very bad but I hope I shall be restored
to good health. The connection is all well
so far as I now William Price is mending
Slowly he has light fevers evry day it will
be some time befor he will be able to go back
to the company: times is pritty hard downe
here it is rumered that the yankes has taken
the city of New Orleans The cars has bin caring
off provision and plunder from the city for the
last three or four days I am told they have bur[n]ed
up a quountiny of cotton [2] in and a round the
town it is a bad case but we have to do
the best we can
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The conscript Law is bringing out
volunteers the boys that comes under that
call is nearly all volunteer. The people is
very backward with crops. they are not near
done planting Aunt Polly Price is diad she
died in Carroll County I want you to tell
Britton Hall to write to me and give me
afull account of the battle I am sorry
I fell a mong the wounded if I could
have fought through the battle I would
like it much better you must right as soon as you
can you fiew [3] the horrors of a battle I expect
you saw a great deal right how you got
through I have nothing more to right
to you that would be Interisting to you
give my complements to all the boys and
tell them all to right to me I would
be very glad if I was able to be with
you right soon So I evir remain
your affectionate brother untill death
Henry Price | Thomas J Price

  1. Henry was apparently sent home on furlough after being wounded at Shiloh. He must have been wounded early in the battle and does appear to know that Z. M. Price was killed on April 7, the second day of fighting. Thomas Price was also wounded and died of his wounds on April 20.
  2. quantity of cotton
  3. fiew = view?
April 24, 1862


Co. B, 7th Mississippi
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS


Co. B, 7th Mississippi
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS


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Heather Messick
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December, 2013
M. Ellis
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December, 2013

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