Patrick Cty Va
November the 22nd 1863
Mr Henry A Hefflefinger Dear Sir
I am onst more blest with the opportunity of
writing you a few lines to let you now that
we are all well what few there is of us
Sanders has been gone five weeks and I
havent got no letter sence he left I got them
few lines you sent me and was glad to hear
you was well but sorry you was unders gard
thoe I am glad King Joseph dident rule this
king dom or you and dan would a been in
cassels thunder by this time I have no news
to rite to you this time only it is very hard
times here and confusion amonkest the neigh
bors there is alwais some new and lies a
stering every thing is very scarce and hy
pork is a hundred dollars per hundred corn crops
is short I have got my corn put up and I only
had ten barel to my part and I owe george a
bushel and a half for seed ry and I owe tom
three bushels for wry I borowed last sumer
when I had company and I have to pay some
borrowed flour and I have to make my meet
out of corn my hogs is thin and will
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take a heep of corn to faten them so my grane
will be scarse and I dont think I can spare any
corn for anjalina for I dont think she kneeds it
and if if I was to let any corn go I would have to
do without or pay one hundred dollars a
barel for it and you know I coldent turn out
and get a hundred dollars or a barel of corn
for five or Six days work and I think if noth
ing hapens I will bee better of[f] about corn the next
time and per haps you mite no [??] it as bad then
you do now I dont want you to think hard of it
nor I dont think you aught to for I devided my
last Sumers bred and other provision with those
that done seem to thank me for it now witch
caused me to commense on my new cropt sooner by it
its truee you put in 20 pounds of bacon but if you
had give ten pounds of it for a bushel of grane to
a used with the other ten pounds it would not
lasted one or two persons long without something
else with it its true I had severel little
things done that I am yet thkful for and will
not for get none of your kindness but henry you
now I have done several things that was bound
to hender me from my work [kut?] that was all
done free and I still remain your friend
D P Jessup
to Henry A Hefflefinger

November 22, 1863


Residence (County): 
Patrick County, VA


Co. K, 50th Virginia Infantry
Residence (County): 
Patrick County, VA


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Michael Ellis
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June, 2015
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