Camp Be Alagany Co [Camp Bee]
VA this the 5 of August

I will again try to inform
you that we are all well
At present hoping if
Hoping if those lines shal
Cum to you that they
May find you all enjoyi
Ng the same like blesin
gs we hav wrote severl
Letters since we left camp
Jackson & we havent got
Any answer yet direct
your next letter as follows
To Solomon Jennings
Capt A m Davis company
in care of l heth 45 regt
Floyds brigade alagany
Co Covington po Alagany Co
Va we want to hear from
you verry bad for we
expect to leav her in the
morning & expects in a
[page 2]
Verry short time to
Be in a figt for they
say that they are coming
In to nicals county [1] in
Right smrt companies
& we see a grat ma[n]y peple
Mooving away from there
sum walking & toting there
to ting what they can
& some is haling what
they can & leaving the
Balence behind wise &
His men is about twelve
miles from us at the
White sulphur sprain
gs Solomon
to Andrew Hampton
[handwriting changes]
Dear wife and Children I once more
take my pen in hand to let you
know that I am well at present
hopeing when they few lines
come to hand that they may
find you inJoying Gods bless
[page 3]
I can inform you that we will leave
in the morning and march to whi
te sulpher 14 miles from hear
and we doo knot no what day we
will have to go to the battle field
but we ar sertain to face the ab
olition [2] in ashort time and I hope
your prairs m[a]y bair me up I
hope I hope to see you all once more
tell Isom to take good cear of his self
and to take all the pains he [can?]
to geather [learning?] so I must bring
thes few lines to aclose give my respect
to to all inquiren friends
Ephraim Hampton to wife
and Children so far well
for a whille
Ps we have oney fifty too
men able to march and fight

  1. Nicholas County
  2. abolitionists
August 1, 1861


Co. C, 45th Virginia Infantry
Co. C, 45th Virginia Infantry and Co. G, 63rd Virginia Infantry
Sergeant (later 2nd Lieutenant)
Residence (County): 
Grayson County, VA


Residence (County): 
Grayson County, VA


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From Note: 
Camp Bee


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
September, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
October, 2013

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