Friday June the 20th 1862
monroe county Va near
the salt sulpher spring
Dear father it greait satis
faction that I am permited
to rite onese more to you to
Let you know that I am
not very well at this time
but the rest Is well as comon
at this time hopeing when
thees few lines comes to hand
that they that thi may
find you all well
I can inform you that I
receved a letter from you last
[???] dated June the 14 th and [1]
also another a day an too
a go dated the 11 th which
gave me greait satis faction
to heair that you was
all well
[page 2]
I was very sory to heair of
so many of the gap company
was cut up so but such is
the sorrows of ware I was glad
to heair that Fleming
Hampton may not dead
I can inform you that i saw
G. H. Mathews last eavning
and showed him your letter
and he said that he wold
attend to It amediately
and if he dont rite to
you and let you know
you must rite to me and
let me know and i will
rite to him and halv him
to attend to it for you.
I have nothing strange
to rite at presant more than
thare is hard time hear
[page 3]
thar has been a bout 50
men courtmartialed hear lately
and a few of nearly every sort of
punishment put a pon them
some of them hav to lay in
the guard house and eat nothing
but breaid and warter and ride
a wooden horse 2 hours every
day duren thier comfine
ment while othes hav to lay
under guard for ten days
and eat breaid and water a lone
and go on battalion every day
and walk his post 4 successes
hours every day carren his gun
at a support or a rite sholder
shift arms and caried a nap
sack of dirt weighing
from 40 to 50 lbs of dirt
durien his walking his post
[page 4]
While others has to bee bucked
four successev hours
each day in the sun shine
and rain as it may bee and
[and?] cary a block of woold wighing
not less than 100 lbs
in front of dress perade
every day duren confine
ment and halv 15 dollars
of ther wages taken off of
their [monthly?] wages
I can inform you that we
halv to drill 4 hours each
day and attend at dress
parade so no more at
presant but still reamin
you affectionate sons
untill death From
E and Isom Hampton
to A Hampton and family

  1. hole in left margin
June 20, 1862


Co. C, 45th Virginia Infantry and Co. G, 63rd Virginia Infantry
Sergeant (later 2nd Lieutenant)
Residence (County): 
Grayson County, VA
Residence (County): 
Grayson County, VA


Residence (County): 
Grayson County, VA


From State: 
From Municipality: 
From County: 
Monroe (W.Va.)


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
September, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
October, 2013

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