Hopkinsville Kentuckey Decembur the 26th 1861
my dear cusin I Seat my Self for the first time since
I have bin in camps to let you kno I am wel and Sassa
as ever and I hope whin this letter comes to hand it may
find you all wel and doing wel I received a letter from home
the other day day and they Sed you wanted me to rite to you
I am a Shamed for not riting to you Sooner I have kept
putting it of[f] being it is is Christmast and I haint got nothing
to doo I will rite you a letter cinda I have Seen Some hard
times Since left home but I dont recin I will do any more
this winter we have got in winter quatters I saw Some hard
times Whin I was an a force March I wiould not git but one
biscuit from morning to nite and make it up an a planck
and rop it a round a stick and cook it but we see fine
times now I am wel Satisfied but I was sick for 2 monts whin
I first come in camps I have gon threw camp diseases we have
had Some bad luck in my mess Since we have bin here at this
plase William Earthman died one of my mess and a nother one
lost his speech and got a discharge his name was Savage and
a nother one is now sick his name is Parker there was 9 graves
dug last monday here at this place we have lost 6 of oure
company and discharge 6 We have now 80 men in oure compey
I herd this morning that they was fighting at bowling green
my brother Peat is there in the 60 days troopes and brother
James is at home and he Ses he is a going to stay there I wish
I ciould be with you all and be at a frolic or too tel Miss
nansa and Miss hepsa I wiould love to See thim and be
with thim tel cusin billey and his famly I want to See thim
and cusin Decater I want to See him and famley as
bad as any I want you to rite to me and tel me whare
cusin Billey and cusin Huew is and tel me if they are
for 12 monts or for 3 years and tel me if bean is there
captain yet if I new Whare they was I would rite to thim
Cinda you ort to See me cooking chickings and ages [1] we
have fine times you had better believe Mr Caldwell sends
his love to you all and Ses if he ever gits back he lous [2] to
go and See you all I dont no whether I will live to get
back home or not if I doo I think I will go to [temes?] I dont
no whether I will live to git home or not my father
is coming to See my in 2 or 3 weaks I want cosin Bob to rite
to me and tel me what is the reasin he dont come to
See my folks and to See his old uncle he wants to See
him the worst of all pople Cinda I want you and all
the rest of the girls to rite to me I want ann to tel me
if Jim is gon to war or not and how many letters he have
rote to you and I want you to tel me if Thomas Ellet is
gone or not if they are now you all grievs you Selves
very near to death a bout thim you nead not to Grieve for
[page 2]
thim for they aint as Good loocking as I am I can take
the prase offen all the Boys in old tish [3] Cinda I am
getting tired of riting whin you rite Send your letters
to Hopkinsville KY. in the care of captain

R B Allen 2 regt Miss Volenters

So nomore at present only remains your friend until


W J Honnoll

W J H To Mis C C Honnoll

Cinda I have Saw lots of men that has

got shot since I have bin in camps

  1. ages = eggs
  2. lous = allows, intends
  3. tish = Tishamingo
December 26, 1861


Co. D, 23rd Mississippi Infantry
Residence (County): 
Tishomingo County, MS


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Catherine Pettijohn
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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