Montgomery springs Jenuary the 6 1864
General Hospital
Dear afection Wife
I take my pen in
hand this everning to drop you a few
lines to inform you of my present
helth I am about like I was onely
a littel weaker & poerer then I was
when I left home but I hop when those
few lines comes to hand that the will
find you all well & this is the third
letter I have roat you & I have not got
no ancer yet & I dont no what is the resen
but I no if you had of not got them I would of
got a anser it is posibel that I donte
git your letter they may bee mis sente
my Dear I wante to hear from you all vary bad
Tena I would rether bee at home with you
then any person in this world fer I
dont git nothen her to eat her atall
it is the hardes plase I ever saw
for a man cant by nothen her to eate
un less he pais fore or five prieces
& I would like if you can git any
body to com over her to send me some
thing rite smart to eate if you can
for I neede it very bad surtin
for we poar solders donte git hafe
anof to eate here & they ar severl
solders her that is bearfooted here
now & some of them wounded &
half cloathed & you now that is bad
I ante had no warme vittels sents
I have bin her to eate & there
has bin three boards hel[d] her sents I
have bin here the wounded has bin all
[page 2]
that has bin examend but I am a
gointo stay till the next board mets
and try it a gan to see if I cante
git a furlow to com home a whil
the hed surgent [1] ses that if the
boar[d] dont call me in & give me afurlow
that they will have to come to me
and give me a fur low for I was sent
her for to bee fur lowed & I shal have
one but I donte no when I will git
it but I reckon I am better off
her then I would bee at the comand
& I wannt you to tell brother henry
to bring the pervision to me & the
bes way is to come a horse back
for you can git her quicker & I no it is to
cold for you to com to see me that
is the reason I wante brother henry
to come & bring my pervision to
me & if you hapen to git this letter
in time I wante henry to bring
it a mondy if he pleases for
rashenes is wors her now then when
he was her for I have no nues to
rite moar then I have roate onely
that there is a bout seven hundred
her now so I must bring my letter
to a cloas by sain rite soon & give my
resoects to all inquiren frends & conection
& reseive the saim your self Direct you
letters to the Momontgomery white suph
er springs General hospital warde No 1
a letter from John Jimison to his Dear
wife C. C Jimison

  1. surgent = surgeon
January 6, 1864


Co. G, 37th Battalion Virginia Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Franklin County, VA


Residence (County): 
Frederick County, VA


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From Note: 
Montgomery Springs Hospital


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
February, 2014

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