Camp Hopkinsville KY January the 23 th 1862
my dear cusins I seat my self this morning to inform
you that I and all of my are well at the time and hoping
whin the letter comes to hand it may find you all well I
have just reveived your kind letter I was proud to here
from you all But was sorrow to here your cusin was dead
I haint got nothing of importance to rite we haint Bin in
nary fight yet But we have Bin exspecting a fight for
ever day for some time But the yankes is cowerds and
wont come to fight us I exspect that we will have to go to
fight thim they are not very far from us I have just
come in from picket gard tell cusin Bob I have lernt
something a Bout camp life I wiould Be glad to See
you all and tell you Something a Bout how we have
got a long in camps and how we cook and how
nasty we are I will tel you Sometimes we put
on Something to cook every one of us will have a
hand in cooking it and keep tasting it until we eat it
all up o how I wish I ciould Be with you all tell cusin
M[es?] that I still remember her and wiould be glad
to See hur I wish I new whare cusin Billy & cusin hue
was I want to rite to thim I wish I was with thim
and your Thomas and [ann?] Jim and [heeling?] Billy
tell cusin decator that I wiould Be glad to see him
and I will rite to him Before long and if I live to
git Back home I will come to see you all I will tell you
there is some as pretty girls in Kentuckey as there is
any whare I dont [kno?] if I dont mary her and
take her home with me I exspect whin the ware
is over all of you girls will mary cusin Jane and
Roseanner I dont kno who is there sweethart if I
did I wiould Say Something a Bout thim I got
a letter from Brother Peter he was at Bowling green
he was a going to start home in 3 or 4 days he had
lost the Best friend he had his name was William
[page 2]
Dilworth his death was caus By the measils there
has Bin 8 men died out of his company and we
have lost 8 one of oure men died the 20 of
this month his name was Solomon I haint Bin
home SInce I left and I dont think I will
untill my time is out I want to See my folks
very Bad the helth of oure regenent is very good
we see fine times here now we get plenty to
eat and nothing to doo hardly I Belive I will Bring
my letter to a close the too Mr Caldwells sends
there love to you all givr my Best resspects to
all of my acquaintes and inquring friends
rite as soon as you git this and tel the rest
of the girls to rite to me So nothing more at
present only Remains your friend and wel

wishes until Death

W J Honnoll
Send your letters to Hopkinsville KY

in the care of capt R B Allen
3d Mississippi Regt

Forget me not forget me never
until yonders sun sets for ever

I can say to you that I have got the
Best offcers in the Regment

Fare you well until I See you a gain

January 23, 1862


Co. D, 23rd Mississippi Infantry
Residence (County): 
Tishomingo County, MS



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Transcription/Proofing Info

Catherine Pettijohn
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2013

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