Murfreesboro, Tennessee
May the 20th 1863
Dear Brother

Yours of the
10th inst came to hand
yesterday. glad was I to hear
from you once more for this
is the first letter I got
from you for very near two months.
I was glad to hear that you
all enjoyed good health. for my
part I will tell you that
I have not done anything
for a good while on account
of the hemorrhoids I have been
bothered a great deal with them
for some time. I am now in
the convalescent camp, our divi-
sion got marching orders on the
10th and all them that were
not able to march right along
[page 2]
were sent to this camp. there
was eleven from our regiment. we
are inside of the fortifications. I
am going to stay here all summer
and perhaps till my time is out
if I get along all right dont tell
anybody that I said so. I never
expect to get into another fight if I
can help it. unless the rebs will attack
us here. and if they do that they will
get the worst whipping they ever got.
old Rosy never was defeated yet. he
won eighteen victories. the rebels
moved up on the Shelbyville pike
when five miles of town and dug
riflespits, they are trying to draw our
army out, our division moved out
on the Mc minnville pike 7 miles [insertion: crittendens Corps]
there is some talk of part of this army
going to Hookers Army. dont say anything
about this for if they would find it out
I would be courtmarshalled, I would
like to tell you something about the
[page 3]
fortifications but I dare not. but
it is undoubtedly the best fortified
place in the United States.
You wanted to know whether I got
them suspenders. I did but forgot
to say anything about it in the other
letter. You can se[n]d them shirts too
I think they will all come through
put them up in a paper put them
in seperate papers I think they will
come better. I have wrote to the
Regt for all my letters that comes that
almanac has not come yet but I think
I will get it about tamorrow,
You wanted to know whether I heard
of the Slaughter at Frederickburg. I did
we get the daily paper everyday we
always hear it before you do. the news
is always telegraphed to head quarters.
George I dont believe we will ever
get Richmond. I never want to help
take it. I think I have done my
share of fighting. dont be uneasy when
you hear of me being at the convalescent camp
[page 4]
I am well everyway with the exception
of the complaint I told you of heretofore,
I want you to ask Doc Kissell whether
he cant tell what will cure them,
I am sorry to hear of the Death of
Lem Gough. I did not know anything
of it until I got your letter. I think that
is so which you wrote, “henerfaderst,”
I understood it very well. I can read all
such writing. I would like to know what
is the reason why Riggles and Whealors dont
write to me. I will close for the
prsent hoping to hear from you soon.
I remain your Brother and Friend
D. R. G.
direct all your
letters to me Convalescent camp,
and I In Care of G. A. Smith, Col. Comandy
will get Camp
all Murfreesboro, Tennessee
last sunday Col. Moody preached 2 ½ hour
he had us full uniform and [sword?’
the [you?] it was the best
sermon I ever heard
George if you have to go
to war try and get in the quartermasters depertment
or hire off some sutler for clerk, or else go on a
gun boat dont go into anything else for goodness
sake. I would rather you would not to at all if you can
help it. there is prayer meeting or preaching every night in
one of the fortresses here I tell you & to a nice thing
[page 5]
I wish you would send me another almanac
the one you sent me was tore up in less than fifteen minutes
after I received it I had went out to spend the evening and
one of the boys brought it to me there was four young ladies there
and they got to reading some of the funny pieces in it and took it
from each other until it was tore up up. I forgot to tell you
that we have as nice summer weather as we have in the north
in May, so you may know we have a nice time D. R. Garman
D. R. Garman

May 20, 1863


36th Indiana Co. C
Residence (County): 
Henry County, IN


Residence (County): 
Henry County, IN


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April, 2015
M. Ellis
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February, 2016

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