Genl Hospl No 2.

Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Feb. 9 th 1864.

Bro. George
Yours of
the 31st of January
was joy fully received
yesterday evening
I can assure you
it was a welcome
missive. It had
been a good while
since I heard from
you. I got a letter
from father a few days since,
I was truly glad
to hear they all
enjoyed good health.
you say in your
letter that you would
[page 2]
come to Nashville to
work on Bridges if I
would say so. I dont
hardly know what to
say in response to that
matter. I am afraid
you could not stand
to live on the fare that
you would get and
besides that I understand
they are all armed so as
to defend themselves against
Guerrillas which are very
common in this country,
if you could get
employed at a Post- why
I would say come on,
but as it is I will not
say so [insertion: you can use your own pleasure] although I would
like to see you down
here. very well perhaps
you will pay me a
visit anyhow.
[page 3]
Well a few words in
regard to Mrs Adaline.
You say for me to let
her rip. that is just
what I say. I would
not give the snap of my
fingers for any of them
But I did not want
her to have my picture
Do you ever hear from
Jennie Dunkle. I dont
hear from her anymore
she did not answer
my last letter she must
be married or dead or
else she would write
you stated that John
Darr was dead. that was
news to me I was surprised
I witnessed the most
solemn scene yesterday that
I have ever witnessed it
was a funeral of a young
[page 4]
man of Murfreesboro of
my acquaintance. I never
saw as much weeping. it first
looked as though it would kill
his mother and sister, it was
an only son, and the only
Brother of the girls, she is now
left alone. no Brother or sister
and her father is no account.
she is one of the finest ladies
I ever met with. she is good
looking and intelligent,
by the way. I have the
Honor of calling on her
at my pleasure, But I
must close. write very soon
I should like to have you
come to see me very well if
you can. from your
Brother D. R. Garman
Genl Hospl No 2

February 9, 1864


36th Indiana Co. C
Residence (County): 
Henry County, IN


Residence (County): 
Henry County, IN


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Kathryn Auner
Transcription Date: 
April, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
February, 2016

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