Grahamviell PO [1]
Souch calina Buford [2]
Direct 46 Ga volenteers
Dear wife I seat my self
to let yow now that I
am well at this times an
bud is in beter health
the hear was at home his
helth is very good now an
is im proveing I hope theas
few lines may fine you
an July in the best [3]
of helth allso the rest
of the famley curnexion
to Mag I have send my
garetype to you by george
Pain I thot that wod bee
rememberance of me tha[t]
ma bee the last of me
for we are in a bad hole
hear som of our men
[page 2]
is Diing an a heepe of them
is sick we had one man
stold teenty Dollars in the
ride ment an tha pin
the letters THIEF
to his back an brest an
Drom him all arowng the [4]
ridgement an clar of from
hear he belong in the hars [5]
company an stold the mony
from Bob Grant P[ois?]
Grant son that was
yastaday eaven the name
of the man was Mcculars
that stold the mony was
Mculers lived in ha[r]is [6]
Conta tha wont have
him in the ridge ment
so tha Dromb him of[f] from
hear the boys is all well
is from owr sttlement
but J J Crofford hee is a [7]
tell Henry Mathis
[page 3]
Jim Mathes is well
tell Isom Purkins
his brothers is al at
home yet Isom I wod
bee glad you was hear
a whild to see how you
wod like Camp life it is
very hot hear now an
water is bad hear sow
hant got time to write
long for I am on gard to
Day I hant got now letter
but one sens I have bin
in Camps I think hard of
you all for not write
ing to me nothing
more at presant
onely yous husban
untell Death th
May 1 1862
ETD Hawkins

think of the

  1. May 1, 1862
  2. Beaufort District, SC
  3. July = their young daughter, Julia
  4. arowng = around
  5. Co. E, from Harris County
  6. McCullar
  7. J. J. Crawford of Co. I
May 1, 1862


Cousin of Reuben Bussey
Company I, 46 GA Infantry


Wife of E. T. D. Hawkins


From State: 
South Carolina
From County: 


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2012

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