Savannah Georgia January the 14th 1863
Dear Father
I comparatively inform you that I am reasonable
well at present also hoping those few lines may find
you all well David have returned to camps from
the Hospital reported for Service and he is at this
enjoying reasonable health.. as we are wanting
some potatoes and David wants 3 or 4 chickens
if there was any chance to git them and if I could git
a gallon of Surup I would be very glad So if you
will send that Sail cloth bag full of potatoes I will
give you a Dollar for the bag and as for the Surup
we have nothing to send for to git it in though we will
Send Such thing back if its deemd best if we can
git the produce well pay all expenses on them
and as for my hogs I would be glad to have
[one?] of them at camps but if I cant git neither
one down hear I wants you to kill them and
bring them to town if you can if you cant
bring them your self I will give mr grantham
five Dollars to bring them and sell them
for me or I will give you five and if neither
one of you wont bring them at that price bring
them any how and I recon we can settle it
Some way or another as I want to Sell them
I have found Clarys coat Turner
had the coat and it was not his intention
to give it up but I asked him out of that
[page 2]
As I have offered Mr Grantham
a bargain for his place I recon I will by
it I offered four hundred Dollars cash
and he have rote me that he would take
my offer So I want to know of you if it
would do for him to make the titles to you
and then if I Should ever want them you
could return them to me I shall expect him to
make me just as good titles as he can ,,and if you
are not willing to do that away tell him to git
a copy of the title and bring them down and we can
fix it I recon I would like to have it copied
by yours as you and Mr Grantham are more
experienced in such I have rather you and him
would fix it I [only?] could be out there with you
and I would like to have the Said titles
approved by the Judge of the court I wish you
would See him and no what he Says about it and
write to me as Soon as you can and what you and him
thinks about it So let me hear what you and him thinks
soon,, I can send the money to you and you can
pay it over to him as you have a portion of it or he can
come down after it as he may want to See James I hear [1]
some talk of us going to the regiment and if we do we will go to
Tennessee not Send [????] untell I write again for them I will
give you a [????] of another [leaf?] Yours truly Son F George

  1. Pvt. James Grantham of Co. A
January 14, 1863


Company A, 29 GA Infantry
Corporal [rank in], Sergeant [rank out]


Father of Furniaful, Fereba, David, and John E. George


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June, 2011
Michael Ellis
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