March 9th,, 1864

East, Florida,, Duval ,, County
Dear Sister I Seat myself
this pleasant morning to
answer your kind letter of th
10th,, of November which give me
much Satisfaction to hear
that you was all well at
that time though it found
me very unwell and I am
far from being well at this
time though I hope these
few lines may find you and
all family connection and doing
will I want you to write
to me as often can and let
know how you all are
I will write as often as
[page 2]
We are about 10,or, 12,miles
from Jacksonvill our pickets
and the yankee pickets are
in sight of each other and
I am of the belief that
we will have another battle
here before we will ever
git clear of them as they will
try it three and four times
at every point that they
under take before they
will givit up we have had
two battles and one skirmish
with them all ready. I
think that I will try to Send
Some of my cloths to doctortown
Some time Soon and I want
you to get them and take
care of them for me
[page 3]
until I come for them
or Send for if they ever
git there I will come as soon
as I can but I do not know
now when I can git A
Furlough not until peasable
times then I will try and come
there is five of the Hutcheson
boy here at this time they
are all Hearty at this time
And Polly, Hall,, left here
yesterdy morning, She cam into
camps to bring cooked pro
visions to her Sons in the law
She give me three meals
of victuals and it done
me mutch good for we
only draw half meat
[page 3]
I want you to write
to me as often as you
can and let me know how
you all are give my respects
and compliments to all
inquireing friend I am in hopes
that this spring will bring
the war to aclose So that
we can all go home and Stay
and be at peace again
So nothing more at
preasent Only I remain
your Loving Brother
until Death

Lewis G,, Moody

March 9, 1864


Company A, 28 Battaion, GA Siege Artillery


Name Variant: 
"Dear Sister"
Sister of Lewis G. Moody


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Adam Lockwood
Transcription Date: 
June, 2011
Michael Ellis
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