Brigport Ala November the 21 1861
Dear Susan I this morning take the
the plesure of writing you a few lins to let
you no whear I am and how I am at this
time I am well and am at Brigport Ala
though I dont think we will stay hear vary
long we may leave hear to day and we
may stay hear 5 or 6 days when we leave
hear I recon we will go to Murfersbuer that
is the Talk now I dont we may
go to Nashvill Tenn we hear that tha are
fiting us thare now and I recon tha are
for thare is a grate many solgers goin
that way now we got hear da before
yesterday and have ben waiting hear for
a chance to get in the Cars and it [???]
not come to our time yet though I think
our time will come before much longer
Well Susan I am in hopes thes lins may
you an the and all of the conection
well and doin well I wrote to you a
bout a month a go and have never rese
an ansr yet and I dont no where to
direct a leter to for you the
last I heard from you you spoke of goin
back home so I have ben waiting to find
out whether you have moved or not Captan
not got back yet
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Susan I dont no whare to tel you
to direct a leter to for me get it
for I dont no whear we will got to nor how
long we will stay when we get thare for we
move every 4 or 5 days since we have got
back [down?] in heare we have had a
good eal of sicknes since we have ben
back though I have ben very well
my self though it is prety cold heare
and we have no tents to keep us out og
the rain and snow we have to take it as
it comes though we have not had
much rain and snow yet we have had
2 snows though [????] was
Susan as I did not get to send this of[f]
yesterday I will write a litle more when
you write to me derect to Chatnooga and
I recon it will then be sent on to me
Susan you wanted to no if we got plenty eat
we get plenty some times and then some times we
come short we suferd some in the march thou
gh since we have ben hear we have drwn
plenty such as it is that is Bacon and
Flower we hardley ever get any thing
els onley Bacon and Beaf and Flour
and I am a fraid that that beter than
you all will get at home I am a fraid
that you will not get salt to put on your meat

November 21, 1861


Brother/Husband? of Susan McNeel



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January, 2013
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