Feb 14th 1862
Dear wife i take the oppotunity
of riteing you a few lins to let
you no that i am well at this time
an i hope that this letter may
find you an the children the
same dear wife i have got no
news to rite to you at this time
the health of our Company
has got better we lost one of
our men on the 12 of this
month it was Jo manen [1] ..dear
wife i would give the world to see
you an the babs god bless you an
them how bad i want to see
you an them it is Close
times out here but i hope
that god is with us i hope
that god will deliver us from
the hands of the enema
do the best you can tell i git
[page 2]
dear wife our Leiutant Perren
got back last nite an he told
me that he Saw Farther an he
Sed that you all was well an
i was glad to heare that an
i wish i could see you all
an talk with you
Leiu Hill is gon home an Frank Powell an i Sent ten
dollars to you by Leiut Hill
an i want you to rite to me
an let me no if you got it or
not an take ceare of it if you dont
have to Spend it tell my folks
to be god to my dear little babs
for they dont no what i have
to go through to tri to Save
there homes an when ever i think
of them dear little ones it makes
tears in my eys but god bless
them i hope there is tears in my eys
at this moment give my love to all
[page 3]
dont leaugh at this bad
riteing for i am riteing on a old
box an Siting on a nother but
i will do the best i can dont
make fun of it
i am liveing well at this time
i have got in my mess
Wm Little Thos Ross Thos newman
Bunk Martin Rastus Grover
an my Self an we git a long
fine we by butter we baught
4 lbs last nite we have to do
it for the beef gives us the
dierear the yankeys has got
ronoke an thay Say that
thay will cut us of at
Peters Burgh an that is on
the road that we come an
if tha do i tell you the
bloody 28 Georgia will be
in i will Close nothing more
i remain youre dewtyfull
husband T W G Inglet

  1. Pvt. Joseph Manning of Co. C
February 14, 1862


Company C, 28 GA Infantry
Private; Corporal


Wife of Thomas Inglet


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
February, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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