Febe 22 this 1862
Dear wife i received youre letter dated
Feb the 10 1862 an i was glad to here
from you an to here that you an the
babys wase well i am well at this
time an i hope that this letter may
find you an all the rest the same
i have no news to rite to you at this
time only i have herd a continuly roar
of canon all day an it was a direction
for drains vill we are all well but 6
or 8 it is bad weather the mud is
belly deepe to a horse in some places
i would ancered youre letter before now
but i was on gard an i did not have
time my dear you must not make fun
of my letter for i have to rite on my
lap an i can not do eny better than i do
i can not tell you when i will git to
come home i dont think that we will
have to fite with out we go to tenssee
we may have to go there give my love
to all the the folks and receive the grates
parte for youre Self hug an kiss
my babs for me god bless you an them
for how i love you an them oh god
grant that i will git may git to see
you an them one more time before i
die you must not be unhappy for
you must think a bout the thing
you no if we give up to the yankeys
it will be a set for aint tha triing
every day to git in the South
at this verry time the canons is
roaring like thunder turn over
[page 2]
it is verry dark in our cabin it
is a little pole house with adirt ruf on
it an i cant see good an you must excuse
my bad riteing you must rite to me for
this is the first letter that i have got
in a long time tell allthe folks how[d]y
for me god bless you all is my parays
you sed youre Sister mary wanted
me to make her a ring i will send
her one in this letter tell her it is
made out of a peace of wood that
comeout of bullsun [1] you must give it
to her it is late an i must Close
you must rite Soon
i Sent you ten dollars to Bezelia
in a letter by Leiut Hill an you
must look out for it you must be
a good gal tell i git back an take
good care of my dear little babs evry time
i think of them it makes tears in my
eys yourse truley my dear you must
rite soon
T,, W,, G,,Inglet
To my love
Martha A Inglet
I Wish to god
I Could See her
[left margin alongside closing]
To Martha
A Inglet

  1. bullsun = balsam?
February 22, 1862


Company C, 28 GA Infantry
Private; Corporal


Wife of Thomas Inglet


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
February, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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