May the 18
Dear wife i got youre
letter this day an i was glad
to heare from you for it
had ben So long sence i
heard from you this
leaves me well dear wife
i am a near richmon
at this time i got heare
to day i have ben on a
march ever sence the 3 of
this month an on the 5 the
yankeys overtook us at
wiliams burgh an there
we give them hell we
run fore mils to git in
the fight but the fight
[page 2]
Stoped in about an hou
r after we got there our
Regt formed on the battle
field an loaded our guns
an Stood all nite on the
field in the rain in
mud half way our legs
an on the 8 nite no man
never Sufferd like i did
to live i thought my legs
would burst with pane
but i am well now an i
am as fat as a hog
i have got you>e to She
lls an balls 2 of own regt
got wounded i want you
to rite to me soon tell
dolly i got her letter but
[page 3]
i have ben run So tell i
could not rite but tell all
of them to rite to me the
yankeys took John Buck
a prisner but he is loose
on parole he will goe home
be fore long i hope to
god that we will meete a
gain i will give you a list
of the men that is died in
our ranks C Falen O T[????]
O Turnedge J Manen
R Read T newman
J Davis an Leo Cawley
an our Leiut Cornel is
ded Some time i git a nuf
to eat an Some time i only
git one meal a day
[page 4]
give my love to all of
Farthers Famley an tell
them howdy for me an
tell them to rite to me
i hope this will find
you all injoying
the best of health
rite soom an rite all the
news i mus close for
it is giting late i would
give fifty dollars to eat
dinner at Mamys
nothing more at this
time onley i remain
yourse untell death
T W G Inglet
direct youre letters to
richmond va

May 18, 1862


Company C, 28 GA Infantry
Private; Corporal


Wife of Thomas Inglet


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
February, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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