June the 17
Dear wife i have the oppotunity
of riteing you a few lins
to let you no that i am
well at this time an i hope
this letter may find you an
all the rest well i have no
news to rite at this time
onley we are looking for
a nother fight but i am
Satisfide with the one that
i was in you must rite
Soon for i have rote 2
letters to you an i have no
ancer yet i hope to god
that the war will close
before long an i can come
home an see you all give
my love to my Farther
mother an all of my
sisters an receive the
gratest part for youre
self i got a letter from
Wm H Cawley rote June 1
an i was glad to hear from
him turn over
[page 2]
i am elected sargent
in Jackson Hitts [1] place
he got wounded an sence
has died i think peace will
be made before long for
inglan Ses she can not [England]
put up with the protracted
struggle eny longer for
the people is Starving to
dath there we will never
will give up till the last
one is killed tell all the
folks to rite to me tell
dolly to rite to me so
nothing more at this time
onley i still re main youre
husband untell dath
T W G Inglet
to hester Inglet dear
sis you must be a
good girl an drive youre
ox an help mamey
to work an when i come
home i will bring you
a pretty yourse truly
T W G Inglet
[page 3]
June the 17 1862
Dear Sister i got a letter
from you the ninth
an i was glad to git it i
am well at this time an
i hope this letter may find
you an famley well i
saw [ind?] [tuice?] he is in
camps a bout 2 mils
from me he is well
an ses he wants to git
in to my regment
tell mady [???] tom is
as fat as a hog for
he drives the wagon
he dos git a nuff to
eat an he dos not hav
to go [threw?] what the rest
does he would weigh 2
hundred lbs me an [???]
Sleep togather last nite
he Stays 2 mils from the
regment you must not
think hard of this Short
letter for i dont have time
to rite turn over
[page 4]
you must let me no how
crops is git ing on in that
place for there is non in
verginia you must let
me no if [I?] S Rowland
an [???] is gon a gain or
not [??? ????] is [???] you
to rite to me an
let me no an if [any?] one
wants to go send [the????]
to me an tha can make
somthing by so doing
notheing more at this
time i Still remain
you brother tell dath
I W G Inglet
to Jimma black
[J????] you must
be a good boy tell i
git back an do a heap
of work an when i
come i will bring you
a pretty yourse
I W G Inglet

  1. Sgt. J. S. Hitt of Co. C
June 17, 1862


Company C, 28 GA Infantry
Private; Corporal


Wife of Thomas Inglet
Sisters of Thomas Inglet


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
February, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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