Camp Allegany Virginia [Camp Alleghany in Pocahontas County]
Nov 28th ..1861
Dear Sister
With pleasure I seat myself
this pleasant eavning to write
you a few lines informing you that your
last and most welcome letter has been
received and several days have Elapsed
scince the reception of it, Sis be assured
that it was not for want of affection
that caused the delay: but for want of
time and Leisure: I have been necessary
compelled to lay aside all letter writing
untill there was more time afforded for
dispensing the duty entirely or fulfilling
it more promptly: Sis for the past week
I have been very buisy: we had to move
from Camp Bartow to this place: when we
were Camped during the months of July
& August, there ia a small force left here
to hold this place: the most of the Brigade
has been sent to the rear and will go to
Manassas or some other point near there,
Well Sis, we are into winter quarters at
last, and in a miserable condition at that,
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just imagine 16 men crouded into one little
hut 16 ft by 16 ft one small fire place to cook
Eat and warm around and the weather cold
bitter cold, snow all over the ground and
a difficult matter to get wood, and when
we get it, it is green only Chesnut or sugar
maple: besid we have various duties to perfom
today we are going to commence building
fortifications and Entrenching the whole
camp, think of all this and tenn thousand
other things too tedious to mention that
tend to render an individual miserable:
And you will have a feint idea of the
true condition of a Soldier in this portion
of Virginia:
If all this will not demoralize any man
living, I dont know what will: I dont
believe there is a man living who can
resist all the temptations with which he
has to Enconter in this horrible conditio
-n, “Oh” Sis, I almost despair of ever
returning some times: and sometimes I
feal perfectly reconsiled to spend the
balance of my days in this horrible
contest; and that without Ever seeing you
and all those that feal so near & dear to me,
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??> know a soldiers life was nor
never will be comfortable; But for all that
I cant be entirely satisfied:
Sis you stated that Bud and Pat were
gone to the fishery; and that you would
have some fish for me when
I come home You nead not make any
calculations of see me before next
spring if then for Col Johnson has siad
that he will not grant any more furlou
-ghs untill all the fortifications are
completed: and then all the married men
have the prefference first; consequently
I have no idea of getting off before
next February or March if then:
Sis, Tell Pat I would like to hear from him
I would like to know what he is doing
in the merchandise buisiness: as I have
not heard from him lately, I do not know
how nor what has become of Smithville
whether it has improved any or not;
I should be very proud to visit the
old place: once more: for I have spent some
pleasant hours there if I never spend
Sis; S. G. Pryor left here on the 27 inst for
Geor; He got a furlough for 45 days: “Oh” how
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I would have been proud if I only
could have gotten off with him: he said
to me when he left that he would visit
Fathers family while he was in that
country and bring to me any little trick
that you all might see fit to send
I would like to get a few Eatables if you
have an opportunity of fixing them up
I cant take care of a great deal, for I
have about 3 ft square to keep all my bed
clothing: cooking utensils napsack &c ,
Tell Pa I want him to sent me a good
thick vest & pr of flannel draws the
first opportunity:
Sis Give my love to pat : love to all the
family: and receive a brothers true
love for your self: write soon to
your devoted Brother William Batts

Direct to Camp Allegany
12th reg Ga.. Vol
care of Capt W. A. Hawkins

November 28, 1861


Company A, 12 GA Infantry


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"Dear Sister"
Sister of William M. Batts


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Camp Allegany


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Michael Ellis
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January, 2013

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