Camp near orange. C. House va
March the 22 /64
Dear farther and mother I take the
opportuinty to wright you a few lines
which will inform you that I am well
at this time truly hoping those few
lines may come safe to you and
find you all well I received a letter
from you a few days ago which
was pleasur to me to here you
was all well I have no news wirth
relating at this time moer than we
have regular preaching here in camp
and some converts though their is
so much weekedness going on it appears
that the men care what they dwo
it appears our country is ruind
and distracted for ever I fear
never will be a happy peple agane
so I think we would all better try
and prepair for deth we exspect to hav
to leeve here in a short time the campain
will soon open in this army life
is uncirtin any whare most asspetialy
on the battlefield so I will try to serve
god the Best I can and try to be
prepaird for deth and etirnity for that
is all the comfirt I see I hope you may
ever put your trust in god for he can
protect and nun can hinder
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and if we are not permitted to see
each other in this life let us live
faithful to god and and try to meet
in heven whare parting will be nomoer
you stated in your letter that mother had
sum green apples for me and wanted me
to come home and get them I dont
think you kneed to save them for
me for I think there will moer apples
gro before I get to come home
Dear mother it would be pleasur to me if
I could se you and talk with you I hope
and trust god will spair my life so I can
retirn home agane and se you and my
frends it is a hard trial for me to have
to stay from my home and frends and
my wife most perticular whoo appears so near
to me farther I want you to rit to me if
you are fully determd to serve god and trust
in him and be carful that you are not
deceved and I want you to right to me
how my sisters is dwoing if they are
trying to seved god,, tel then I want them
to try and meete me in heven whare we
wont be separated I will close by Saying
gave my love to all my frends tel them
howdy for me so nomoer at this
time right soon &c &c

Danel Abanathy
To Moses Abarnathy
& Polly Abanathy

March 22, 1864


Name Variant: 
Company C, 16th NC Infantry


Father of Daniel Abernathy
Mother of Daniel Abernathy & wife of Moses Abernathy
Company I, 32 GA Infantry


From State: 
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To Municipality: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Gemma Bellhouse
Transcription Date: 
July, 2010

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