november 9 1862
culpeper va
mi Dear wife i take mi
in hand to write you
few lines to tell you we
are gon from richmond
we left on the 7 day november
for culpeper court hous
it is 125 miles from richmond
north west [???] from richmon d
we taken the cars in richmond
on ther for culpeper we are
in 5 miles culpeper court hous
now the 9 november on the
8 nov the yankers run our
pickets in culpeper we
are a in 2 miles of the yankeys
now we are expec fite shortly
near hear i am well now i
hope when you get this letter
thay will find you all well
at home [???????????]
[page 2]
we had sum very coald
wether on the 7 nov we
has snows 3 incs deap in
Richmond & we had a nuther
snow this morning is plesent
we are up in the mounting
now it is not coal as in
richmond the mountins
brakes the wind from us
sum is baffooted in the
snow hear it is hard
for the por solders hear
Doant fret yors self
about mea i fare pety
well if i coud stay well
i want you to writ to
mea when this letter comes
to hand send yours letters
to richmond v.a. as you
did be fore thay will follow
[page 3]
i stated in tuther letter
i wanted mi over coat
but i can tell you now i
will let you know when
i want yet i cant toat
iny in thes mounting
contry if i was in winters
quarters i wod like to have
mi over coat but i cant
toat it now the last letter
i got from you it was Dated
on the 21 oct this is the third
letter i sent you sens
i got a hancer [1] i expect 
i will git one to morow
if we Doant git orders to
march we are waiting
for orders every our to mar
[page 4]
i know you are in trubel
a bout mea i cant help
you you must look to yor
god for help in rite maner
an he will help the
be not truble in yo hart
thes things is to be so i
hope an trust to mi god
i will be spared to sea
you all a gain in this
world if the lords will
to spare me in ware if
i shoud fall in the battle
field i hope an trust
in mi god well meet in
heven whare no mor sorow
an trubles an triles i must
bring mi few lines to a clos
mi fexent [2] wife an childen 
yors truly un Death
Henry Baker

  1. answer
  2. my affectionate
November 9, 1862


Company E, 57 NC Infantry


Wife of Henry Baker


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North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
March, 2010

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