Dec the 1 1862

mi Dear wife i take mi pen
to drop you a few lines to let
you kow i reseved yors kind
letter on the 30 nov i was glad
to hear from you all again
i am well now i hope when
the few lines comes to hand
thay may find you all well
at home i can tell you i
ant got in iny fite yet but
i do not kow how sune i may
git in to a fite we ar in site
of the yankes tents now bout
4 miles we are one side of the
river an the yankes is on
tuther side of the river
we can sea th plain at the
fredicke burg we ar liing hear
for the yankes to cross the river
if the yankes cross the river we
will be in a fite las saturd weak
the yankes sheld the cars an
kill 3 men at the depo it was
privets was kild sitesans
[page 2]
we hav the saim curnel
we belong to hood Devison
an long street coe i sent you
forty Dollars by mr lorane
the churef of lincon country [1]
he will send the muney
to newton by mr benick to
mr lawson fry ore to unkel
walter whevner you can git
iny time you wanter it is
in newton you wanted to
know what come of the bill
wilson noat i giv the noat to
mi brother to git the money
for you i think you can find
the noat with mr yoder in
newton if you cant find the
noat i cant tell you what he
don with it
[page 3]

i am glad to hear you rented
out yors wheat grown an got
unkel walter to gether yous
corn if you coud get [??]
[?] sode for cofey Doant spare
verry much corn yet you can
let such fokes hav hope
you i think we will get to
come home befo[?] i Doant think
the ware will last long iny
more ihope it may be so i am
very tierd of camp life i hope
an trust we will get to see
one an nother a gain in the
worl d i want you to rite
to mea when this letter comes
to hand an tell me what the
childin says about me now
i wod like to sea them an you
an mi seet little bab Eliza[??]
[page 4]

i would like to know how much
corn i mad an did you get
iny punkens an turupe [2] i sent
the mi farther letters to you
you can read it for yo self
he wanted to pay mi noats
for mea an i told him he
may if he wanted to Do
so he might pay them he
told me he wod never be
Setel in his life time i think
it is beter to do i told
him to save me 2 pounds
of wool for you for stock
for the childs i told him
try to goy and sea you all
if he coud do so if he
should come to sea you all if
you kneed iny thing ask him
for yet i think he will [??]
[added at top of page]
Henry Baker i shant
pay pay for this letter i
think it will go beter our pay
[added at top of page 3]
you must pay for all the
letters you send to mea [??]
i never get them from you

  1. sheriff of Lincoln County, NC
  2. pumpkins and turnips
December 1, 1862


Company E, 57 NC Infantry


Wife of Henry Baker


From State: 
From Municipality: 
From Note: 
Near Fredericksburg, VA


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
March, 2010

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