[the following letter has no date but was written from Fredericksburg about the same time as the previous letter (December 1, 1862) but before the Battle of Fredericksburg (December 11-15)]

i can tell you how menny i oe
if you wanter pay iny ov the
noats one noat a gaint mea of
60 Dollars to Davy Haff one againt
me of 200 Dollars Robert Haff
if you hav more muney an you
kneed you can pay sum of
the noats you sed in yors kind
letter you wanted to pay our
Dets i can tell you beter not
under tak to come to sea mea
you cant get to me this winter
it is two coal for you and the
sweet babe you will freez
out hear it is much colder
hear an at home it is so far
to ge the north it is bout 500
miles from home now i am i am in
site of the yankes tents now we
hav bin hear 2 weaks in the site
of the yankes we are one side
of the river an the yankes is
on the oter side of the river
[page 2]
you may think the prises is
hie at home now but if you
had to pay such prises as hear
i must tell you the prises hear
i bout one point of malases i had
to pay one dollar corn meel 10
Dollars busel is selling in camp
sugar one Dollar pur pound
coffey is one Dollar pur pound
soap is one Dollar pur pound in camp
sault is one dollar pur pound
chickens is 1 to 2 Dollars peas
turkey is 4 to 5 Dollars peas
eggs is 1 to 1.75 Dollars Duzen
pork is 50 cents pur pound
ish potatoes is 8 to 10 Dollars pur bus [1]
shoes is 10 to 20 Dollars pare
boots is 20 to 20 Dollars pare
hats is 5 to 10 Dollars
over coats is 25 to 50 Dollars
other littles things is in potation [2]
cording to the prises an the things
cant hardly be had at the
brises hear in camp now what
will come or the po wima an
[page 3]
if you aint sold the rockway [3]
in newton you can tell unkel
walter hevner he may sell it
much as he can for mea doant
take in less an 130 Dollars for
it if you Doant wantet and
sell the coach if he can for
as much as he can Doant take
iny less an 250 Dollars for it
an sell mi old carrige in newton
as much as he can Doant take
iny less an 60 Dollars for it
if he coud sell the [?]oles for
you you coud pay all we oe in
this world an hav muney
plenty left for us an orr
Childing for a while tell
unkel walker i want him
to take good cur of mi tools
an keep mi carrig hous lock an
mi wood shop Doant let iny
body hav my thing our of
shops te[ll?] i come back from
[page 4]
the ware i hope an trust
mi god will spare mea to
come back to mi falmely
a gain before long i doant
think this ware will last
long iny more becaus i think
the guvment cant feed all the
troops in the field now an
the papers says thay want
more men yet to 40 yers of
age i can tell you if doe
take the balens of the men
it will come to a cloes gaint
spring i think it will come
to a cloes sooner an that
if that is the case
you may not think so but
if you was hear you wod
think so to to sea the troops
how thar fare is i want
you to take good cur of yore
famely an uore corn an cow
hoogs olad bet and coalt Henry

  1. per bushel
  2. proportion
  3. a rockaway was a type of carriage
Date Note: 
Unknown [b/w 1 December & 11-15 December 1862


Company E, 57 NC Infantry


Wife of Henry Baker


From State: 
From Municipality: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
March, 2010

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