[?] Camp Near Milford depo
April 27th 1864
Dear father & Mother
I this pleas
ant wednesday seat myself
to anser your kind letter
whitch I received yesterday
whitch ofored me mutch pleasure
indeed for I was very anx
ious to hear from home for
this is the first leter I hav
received from hom it was dated
the 17th it was nine days a
coming I was very glad to
hear that you was all well
as to helth but was very
sorrow to hear of pinkny cut but
I hope that he will soon
get beter well your leter
found me well I hav no
important nuse to write but in
the first place I will give
you the names of my mess
William "Blair" R H.
they is goin home William
Jones [?] [????] "gray"
[S?] Musgrave we hav
tobul wether for a few days
we had a grate deal of bad
[page 2]
on the way & did not [???]
but very little some days
you wanted to know wheather
mee & William watts did
what we was going to or
not we did knot the reson
we did knot we was knot old
a nough we got orders day
before yesterday morning
to be ready to
move at a moment warning
so we fixt up our things
handy and we ar still hear
yet and I dont know when
we will leav nor whear we will
go but I think we will leav
befor long if the weather con
tinues good I will write just befor
we leav if we dont leav to
leav in to big a hury the soldiers ar in
very high spirits & all seam to
bee confiden of success this
summer I got a leter from
A J Deal the other day & he
informed me that they was all
well and in good hart I hav
wrot to uncle franck
but I hav not heard from
him yet so turn over
[page 3]
I wrote to frances the other
day you wanted the mans
I will giv you the mans name
that came with us Franklin
Haufe Mother I was glad to hear
of my shirts but
will not nead them[???]
goin [???] Coffy got hear yesterday
we fair very well now I
hav nothing mutch to do I want you
to write as often you can &
I will do the same

so no more at presant
Yours [torn]

[page 4]

A few lines to J [B] Blair
Dear brother
When you get well
I wan you & luis make to make
all the corn you can this sumer
and ask mee to the shucking
yours truly til death
[??] [?]Blair A W Blair

Dear sister
I want you to help
Mother all you can & write to
mee I so I will close for
the presant yours respectfuly

To Julia Blair A W Blair

April 27, 1864


Robert M. Blair's Brother
Company D, 1st NC Cavalry


Robert M. Blair's Mother
Robert M. Blair's Father


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"Milford Station"


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North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis & Casey White
Transcription Date: 
June, 2008
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July, 2008

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