[this letter is written in pencil and very difficult to read]

Febuary the 18 1865
Camp Stoks near greensboro N C
Dear father and mother and Sisters
I take the present opertunity
to write yo a few lines to let
know I am in comon helth
hoping these few lines may
find yo all well and doing
well I hav nothing of intrest
to write to yo I will Say that
J A stiles is here he has bin
Before the bord but has not fou
nd out whate they are going to do
with him yet Wm B [??] has to
got to the front [????] Jones
also and James Macoy and
[??] Brown thes will
go this eavning I expect they
started yesterday eavning but cou
ld not get on the train yo said
yo had got my wagen tier yo said it
waid a 150 lbs it is hevery that I
wanted it but I recken yo had beter
keep it if yo need it yo can get Some
[page 2]
one to put it on I dont cear who
if yo dont need it yo can wait
awhile maby I will get home in the
coarse of a month or too but if
yo want it hav it don as soon as
yo please tell Eldrig I dont wheth
er I can help her chop or not unless
she can put it off awhile tell I get
through with the throng of bisness
but I cant tell when that will be
but I think before very long I will
to S E Bleckley I received her leter
and was glad to heare that her and
dora was well and had bin so
ever sinc I saw them I wrote
yo aleter some too months ago
I wrote yo another last week
but I sepose yo hav received neither
of them I would like very much
to get home while yo and dora is ther
to see yo but I fear it will be a bad chanc
So no more but remais you son and brother
F A Bleckley to L M Bleckley

February 18, 1865


McLean's Battalion, NC Light Duty Men


Father of Franklin, James, & William Bleckley
Wife of Charles Bleckley & mother of Franklin, James, & William Bleckley
Bleckley Sisters


From State: 
North Carolina
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From Note: 
"Camp Stokes" near Greensboro


To State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
July, 2010

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