Camp Stoks near greensboro

March the 26th 1865

Dear father and mother and Sisters
I Seat myself this blesad Sabath
eavning to drop yo afew lines to let yo
know that I am well and harty at
this time hoping these few lines may
find yo all in the enjoyament of the
Same blessing I can Say to yo that I
hav nothing of intrest to write to yo
at this time I received your leter of the
5 of March afew days ago it went to
Peters Burg and braught one from
Wm L Bleckley dated March the 14th he was not
well he said he had a very bad cold cose
quently he was not very Stout he Said
the box yo had sent him had not come
to hand nor the one that olevy hant nither
he did not know whther they had come to
the depot the nite before not he said they
ware under Marching orders then it was
Said they ware going some teelve miles
to the right but he could not tell when
or whare they would go but would leav there
Shortly he seposed he said that agreat
many of his acquaintanc was gon
[page 2]
well Mary yo Said father had boroed
money of Mild and lifted his land note
and wanted to know if yo and Lucinda
hadent beter pay her I think had if
can but whare will yo get mony hav
got it maby yo had beter let it be So
awhile I may get home in the corse
of amonth if nothing happens but if
yo hav the money yo can pay her as
Soon as yo please if she will take the
money yo Said yo wanted me to send
yo som pens I havent eny now but
I will try to get Som and send to yo
yo wanted to know how my Shoes and socks
was holding out they are geting perty well
worn but I recken yo need not Send me
eny just now I have lather to mend my [1]
Shoes with If I can get them mended
yo also wanted know how my money
was holing out I hav 51 dolars and 20 cts
I understand there was afight at petersburg
yesterday but did learn the perticlers about it
So no more only remains your Son and brother
F A Bleckley to L M Bleckley

[added upside down at top of page]
I receivd aleter from Mild and Selena
March the 12 they was well then I wrote
one to them sinc I recd it write and gave me
the nuss

[added upside down at bottom of page 1]
if sarah and dora it there giv them my respects

  1. leather
March 26, 1865


McLean's Battalion, NC Light Duty Men


Father of Franklin, James, & William Bleckley
Wife of Charles Bleckley & mother of Franklin, James, & William Bleckley
Bleckley Sisters


From State: 
North Carolina
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From Note: 
"Camp Stokes" near Greensboro


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North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
July, 2010
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