N C Johnson County

March 9 1862 { Mr Landfair Bailey
Dear Sir I take my pen in hand to
drop you a few lines to inform you that
we are all well at this time and hoping
they will find you injoying the same
blesing I Recd your letter to day and was much
pleasd to hear from you I should like to be
with you a while and heare you tock and
tell the Sights you have Seen Sens you haf
bin gon I tell you Some thing about your
things they are awl doing as well as they
wer when you left as fur as I know I See
the high of theme yesterday you namd a
bout your ditching I dont now how it will
be don for dinker is volunteerd and is gone
but ef I cant get no bodey els I will try
to doet my Self when the weth er gets a
little warmer Robert [?] Botting has bin
trying by your mare of Henderson and
Ranzy both but he faild to get her but
you may rest Satisfyd about your things
as long as I Ranzy Stays about heare for
ef ever I find him a pester ing of any
of your things I will give him a negro
potion Gilley Says that She Should be glad [1]
to see you and Ruffin both and the children
talk about you every day and Iredel Says he
wants to come down ther and Stay with you
Gilley Says that she would Send you a
heap of good little things to eat if she could we had
Some snow last friday the ground was coverd
but ditten Stay long So I must com to aclos
So write ever a chance you can Austin Brown
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Now I Will Rite Som to Ruffin

Mr Ruffin Bailey dier ser I now tak my
pen in hand to drop you a fue lines that
we are awl well at this tim hoping they
will find you enjoy the Same I have
note gote much nuse to write I Should
like to See you and bee with you a
while and I will pas and see to Catherine [2]
and the childre ever a time I can So I
must come to a close ondly my best respect
to you Austin Brown
Now I Will Rite to Barden Brown
Dier Brother I now take the oppertunity to
write you a fue line that we are awl
well at this time and I hope will find you
and Wm enjoy the Same I hant gote much [3]
to rite to you bothe I and Thomas worked [4]
your ox in the carte yesterday and he
done so well that we had no fun in the
frolice also we got Hawkins Some wood [5]
and litred and I Shal See to here as
well as I can I and gilley Stayd with here
one night I wont to see you and wm
mity bad and if you stay down thare
mutch longer I Shal com down thare and
See you all and Stay with you all two
or three days and look at the fixments
tel Wm Brown that I want him to be a
Smart Boy and dont none of you volan [6]
as long as you can faire lik you ben a far
ing So I have nothing more at prsance
I muste come to a close my little Sheet is
full I want you to write ever a chance you
can thate all only my best respects to you all
Austin Brown

  1. his wife, Quilla Brown
  2. Ruffin Bailey’s wife
  3. brother William Brown
  4. brother Thomas Brown
  5. Barden’s wife, Hawkins Brown
  6. volan = volunteer
March 9, 1862


Company F, 13th Battalion NC Light Artillery


Company F, 13th Battalion NC Light Artillery
Austin Brown's friend; [2 "Ruffin Bailey"s in S&S Database: private in Co C, 24 NC Inf., & private in Co. I, Clark's Special Battalion, NC Militia]
Austin Brown's friend


From State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
July, 2010

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