January the 8 1865
Dear Brothers [1]
I Seat my Self ansern yor kind lettar
which I got last night I was happy
to hear that you were bothe well when you
wrote and I hope you will be blest
with healthe when this will reach
you we as all tolerable well Bod I
was happy to hear from you and
hear that you was speard onc more I
could not heare frome you in
time off the fight and I was
on easy a bout you Bod I rothe
fore letters to you and Carline
Nuton roote to you and Miss
Rine rote to you Mary An Mc Donal
rote to you tha all role me tha
rote to you Bod you move so often
that a leter cant git to you I
hope you will come home now
I got to letters from Daniel
last night and I send the
last on to you I havent heard
from but three times sence you
[page 2]
home I hope you get this leter
and I hope tha lete you come
home before long the neighbours
is all well and I havent got no
news ro write to you Bod Graham
Baker had a hors stole from him
last Sunday night and I looke
for coll evry night Bod it cole
hear to day and I know you ar
Suffern with the cole if you stay
there I tryn to send you Some
clothes I know yor pants is dirty
by this time bute I hope you
come home Soun Bod my hogs
and pigs looks bad I Seene som
off the home hard a goin home
last weake and I hope you come
home too bea fore long I havent got
my Smale grain Sode yet Bod Allen
want to goe out after the stear to
Richmon and he Said if you would
let him breake to ploughe he
would breake for you for plowing
this Somer Abgal is with me yet but
I expect She leave before long She
[page 3]
Said She would not stay becau
se She I woold let go off oft[?]
a nuff She went chrismus
weake and staid untol tusday
night and com home her and
mother and Sister and She
lai up Sicke the balense off
the weake and I had all
my worke to doy my self
She tole the cornel She
would leave monday and
I dont care how quicke Bod
I wrote to a bout old poter
I heard he was giten three Dolars
a day and I wont give him
that for that too much Bod
I dont know what to do for
the best Bod tha had Singin
yesdrday and the docter Mc
Donal and gorge robson was
all the men tha had I am
by my self I wish you was
hear with me I woul beae
hapy Bod I pray you will come
[page 4]
home before long Bod I know
yo ar got a hard time I wadt
you to writ to me and let
me know how you ar fearing
for somping to eat and
who is cooking and who
tent with you Bd every
thing is lomsom hear I wont
you to write and tell me all
the news and if you think
tha let you come home Bod
I know that would bea the
hapis time I hav evry
seen if you would come home
Sunday is a lomsom day
with me evry body
goin to preachin and I hav
to stay at home but I don
mind that if you was hear
well but I hope this
war wont last all wase
and you can stay at home
I remane yor afeten Sister F.A.E.C

  1. One of the brothers must be John, but it’s unclear who the other brother would be since brother George B. Campbell died in 1863.
January 8, 1865


John K. Campbell and another brother?


From Note: 
Moore County, NC?

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Michael Ellis
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June, 2010
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