Camp near Richmond
July 20th 1862
Dear Sister
As Papa are going
to leave in the Morning I take from
my portfolio Some yanke paper
to drop you a few lines to inform
you all that Iam well as usual and
all the rest of the Boys. Also that
I receive t[h]ose Shirts you sent me
and those Socks and Kneedle case
that Cousin Amie maid our
Shirts war very exceptable and
very well for Iwas in Kneed of them
Also those Aples that you sent
for they took like hot cakes
Sister I have no news of mutch
importance to write time is still
and queiet at preasant and I am
inhopes they will continue So. I
have ben to See Mr James Stone [1]
[page 2]
sevrel times Sence I came from our
yankee hunt and have ben tring to
get him a fulough to come home
papa have got it Sind by all except
Sergon and I think he will
approve it to Morrow So he can
come home with him. Sister
I receive a letter from you last
evening which was dated the 24th
of June it is a old letter. Sister
you must write what is def-
-rence between you and Cousin
Amie in your next letter.
Cousin says you have not ben
to see hear sence March you
must go and see hear like you
aught and she will come to see
you mit [2] if She have said eny thing to
cause you not to go to see hear write
me what it is and I will have it all
strate I supose thare have ben som
thing said or done But I know who
it is and I thing I do it is R T Stone
[page 3]
I surpose he have said a grate deal
about me and some things he will
have take back. he have be doing
every thing he can do aganse me ever
sence I was Maried and I surpose
he was doing all he can againse me
in Sevral respects But they may
[????] [??] [????] is long enough for
. Tell Rial when he comes
to bring me Something Good to eat
and I will have him a nice Supper
Also bring his not Books for we
Can injoy our Selves hear [?????]
and it will do to put his paper
in and write on. I will Close
this Short Letter hoping to hear
from you Soon. tell mam not
to be oneasy about me and Brother
we are all right on the Goose [???]t
May God hasten the time when
we can come home and injoy each
others preasance is the Pray of your
affectionate Brother K. W. Coghill
[page 4]
Dear Ma Aan [3] Mit July 20
I seat my self this
morning to write you
A few lines to let
you know that I am well
at this time I had
A lively time of it [???]
the [????] but A hard
time of getting to the
camp for I waded
watter needeep several
times all the boys ware
glad to see me the times
are Still and quiet at
present Mit you must
write to me as soon as
you get this letter write
wether all the conscrips
are gone or not So no[??]
take good care of all the
things untill me or
brother come home So
nothing more at this time
but remaining your Brother J F Cog

  1. Cpl. James Stone of Co. G
  2. "Mit" is the nickname for Anne E. Coghill
  3. Aan = and
July 20, 1862


Company G, 23rd NC Infantry
Corporal to Private
Company G, 23rd NC Infantry
Private to Corporal


Jonathan Fuller Coghill's Sister


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North Carolina
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May, 2011
Michael Ellis
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