[in the upper left-hand corner]
I made A mistake
and rote my
letter backwards

Frederick Citty MD
Sept 9 [1862]
Dear Pappy Ma and Mit
I seat myself wonce more
to inform you that wee are
well except bad colds it has
ben A long time since wee have
hered from you all well I will
give you all A few particulars
of our troubles but I cannot
tell ly wee have had
A hard march from Richmon
to Marriland and past through
the towns in grand stile I will
commence now telling something
about what wee have seen wee
have seen A great dear [1] you have
herd I reckond about the battle
that Jackson had he won A
glorious victory we got thare
two days after the fight and
as wee ware going on wee met
[page 2]
our wounded men coming
from the field they would
tell us to go on and wee
would see what they saw so
when wee get to the edge of
a field wee saw A few yankes
but when wee got whare
wee could see ded yankes I
suppose thare was several
hundred of them for they
ware streod all along for about
5 miles I saw more ded men
than I ever saw before they
smelt aufull bad the lost
of the yankes ware seventeen
thousand so they acknowledge that
number in thare papers our
loss I do not know but I
saw 3 of our men whare they
were buried wee have r[???]
the old yankes A long ways
they ware at orange Courthouse
[page 3]
when they commenced and now
they are [???] in baltimore
that was A very good march
the night wee got to leesburg
and marched through and wee
had the prase of the ladies
our voices eckerd through the
town as the ladies would wave
thare handkerchiefs [???]
when wee got to potomack wee
ware drawn up in A line of
battle and was orded to load
our guns and we started
Jenerl Hill was the first man that
landed in marriland and the
hold army went into marriland
in thare shirt Tales wee had
to wade every river then wee crossed
and that night wee slept between
the river and wee
the into the river and
in the night A
[image of page 4 missing]
[added across the top of pages 2 and 3]
we get a plenty of frute last monday
wee had A splended chicken stew and A plenty of rosen years [2]

  1. dear = deal?
  2. roasting ears
September 9, 1862


Company G, 23rd NC Infantry
Private to Corporal


Joseph W. Coghill's father
Jonathan Fuller Coghill's Sister
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North Carolina
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Heather Cook
Transcription Date: 
May, 2011
Michael Ellis
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June, 2011

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