Camp near Fredericks burg Va
Sunday Evening Jan 25 18[63]
Dear Pappy Ma and Mit
I seat myself once more
to write you a few lines in order to
let you know that I am well and
harty and I hope that that when those
few lines reaches you that they may
find you all enjoying blessing [1]
of life I received your letter that you
sent in Rials [2] and I was glad to hear
that you ware all well but to
hear the sad news of [?????????????]
that have died and have left thare
famileys behind to grive after thir loss
and perhaps to suffer for the nead of
them but they went to perteck this
beloved Country and know has gone
to thir long and resting place I hope
that they are gone to A better world
on high whare no sorrow never comes
and whare no parting with friends
and as Grand farther I wish that I
could see him again but I am afraid
that I never shall as you that he cant
live long in this world but if [????]
[??] I see him again tell him that
[page 2]
I cant come home to see him and
I wish I could come and see all of
my folks you stated in your letter that
pappy has hired a negro boy and I
was glad to here it as you say
he is a good hand make him work
and plant A big crop and make
him [???] well I will give you all
the news that is sturing thare is no
news of much importance at this time
onely that wee are expecting a fight
hear every day and wee have some
of the best breast works that I ever saw
and if the come over the river I believe
that wee will take the hole army
thare was A great confusion here the
other night and wee ware orded to
cook up our rations and be ready to
leave at any moment and wee had
to have 60 rounds of catriges wee
went this weeak on picket and stayed
days and night it raind all night
and day and wee came back and
have ben working ever cince very
near but I am in hopes that wee are
dun working very near it has ben
reported that wee ware going to
north Carolina and I wish that
[page 3]
wee would go thare just to whip
the yankes of[f] the soil of the beloved
state wee have lost our noble Gen
Hill who has stood and fought
some hard battles he is one of
the best Gen that the south
can afford he was A noble man in
every respect and as brave A man as
ever lived I reckond our capt will
get A discharge on the account of bad
helth I reckon well I will say that
I have ben looking for Pappy [????]
he was at Richmond and would be
very glad to see him and as for
Brother coming out heare I do not want
him to come untill he gets thurley
well well I will tell you something
know about our winter quarters wee have
A splended house and chimney [???]
the back made of and
A good bed made of and wheat
Straw wee live know like folks
and before wee lived like hogs we
have A plenty to eat me and Rial
make pies and eat just when wee get
ready I made some as good pies
the other day as you ever eat I am
A splended cook and I [????]
[page 4]
I could write A good deal more
but I have not the time as
it is drawing night it is A
hard [???] to set down to write
A letter and hardly ever get one
once A month is ever near as often
as I get one and you say that you
write every weeak you back your
letters to guineas Station well I must
close for this time hoping to get A
ansuer in a short time and that
peace will be made in A short time
and wee all may return home with
the crown of liberty on our heads
so nothing more but remaining
your son and Brother untill deth
so good by
J. F. Coghill

Well Mit you wanted to [???]
of me what Mr Stewart came [???]
for he just came to see Rial and
to bring him something good
to eat that is all I [???]
what he came for

  1. ink very faded and paper worn at folds
  2. Pvt. J. R. Stewart of Co. G
January 25, 1863


Company G, 23rd NC Infantry
Private to Corporal


Joseph W. Coghill's father
Jonathan Fuller Coghill's Sister
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North Carolina
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Michael Ellis
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August, 2011
Michael Ellis
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September, 2011

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