Camp near Orange Court house
Dear Pappy Mother and Mit Aug the 16..1863
yours of the 4 came to had
last evening and its contents was read with great
delight and I was proud to heare that you all
was well. this leaves me well and harty. I am
glad that you all have heard from Uncle James
Stone and that he is not wounded no worse than
he is for it is A mistery to me to think how eny
of us did escape and not get hurt.. I have no
news to write that would interest you atall for times
are very dull heare but all is very quiet at this
time. but thare is A report circulating through
the army at this time that will cause A good deal
of disturbance among our brave boys of N..C
the report is that North Carolina is going back
into the union . shall this State go back into union
the noblest State of the eleven she has gained A great
meny victories over her enemies and know shall
she disgrace herself and her brave soldiers that has
fought so meny hard battle for her liberties and
shall she be the first state that goes back when
she is looked upon as her soldiers to be the best
[page 2]
fighting men that the Confedracy owns and
shall she go back. I exclaim. neve
that would ruin her and she would be trampled
upon by both south and north and every thing
that she prosess would be destroid. I had rather
[???] under the emperer of France than old Lincon
he sais nothing but the restoration of the union
or our Subjugation will cause peace. I hope
that he will not get his wants. but I am sorry
to say that our boys are deserting almost every
night. I confess that it is A gloomy time with
us know. but I am inhopes that the future will
bring on some bright prospect of peace than
it has ever dun. I think that the end of the
war is nigh and that peace will soon be made
well I think that I have said enough about
the general talk about heare.
So I had as well close my short letter as I have
nothing to write that would interest you for A moment
give my love to all of my kindred and tell
Pappy to come out heare soon and .Mar. send
me something good to eat so write soon and
pften so nothing more but remaining your kind
and Benevolant son and Brother

August 16, 1863


Company G, 23rd NC Infantry
Private to Corporal


Joseph W. Coghill's father
Jonathan Fuller Coghill's Sister
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North Carolina
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June, 2011
Michael Ellis
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September, 2011

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