near Kellys Ford. V.a
Dear Mit Nove 6 1863
I received your
kind letter that you sent
by R.. K.. Watkins he arrived
heare last evening and I got the
things that you sent by him
thay ware proudely received by
me. your letter found me well
and harty.. I have received
your letter that you wrote to Brother
A few days ago.. well Mit I am
glad to heare that Pappa is going
to catch them runaways [1] I hope
that he will be succesful in
getting them I reckon that
Brother arrived at home just
in the right time to have A
frolick after them I would
take great delight in hunting
of them to and more than all
I would like to be at home just
[page 2]
to catch them on the corn
field and the potato patch I
I would supprize them for
I dont suppose that they would
ever go in thare again well
it is useless for me to spend
my time in Writing about such
lowlife trash and tharefore I
will not say enything farther
concerning those that runaways
from thare Country call. cowadice.
well .Mit. I have no news to
communicate to you at this time
but Munro Fuller came to see me
the other day and requested of
me when I wrote to inform
you that he sends his kindest
regards to you all he is well
and lively as you ever saw
him: you can tell Brother
that wee remain at the same
place just whare he left us
I have just finished building
[page 3]
my house for this winter
that is if wee can stay heare
I want you to tell John Grissom
to came on out heare and bring
me Something to eat I must
tell you that wee have got to
pay for four days rations if wee
get eny and the amount is about
$2:00 that wee have got to pay for
rations that wee eat while on this
last raid it dont agree with the
Soldiers atall. but instead of doing
without rations for 4 days wee
will pay the amount. money
heare is not valued at eny thing
hardly atall. why I can eat nearly
A month wages up at one meal
the wages of A private soldier
does not correspond with the
prices of every thing. nor with
nothing apples $3.00 per dozzen
money cant hold out at that and
every thing else is almost at the
same rate
[page 4]
well Ma you have sent
me all the things that I want
in the way of clothes for I have
on hand now more than I can
well carry I have drawed one
of the nicest coats you most ever
saw and intend to get another noe [2]
when they come that is and over
coats you cannot imagine how
proud I was last night to received
those things that you sent to me
I wish that I could send you
something that would do you
some good but I have nothing
that is worth having if A person
could do eny better but I am in hopse
that thare is A time fast approching
when I can help you as for
money I cant get eny to send
home but this confedrate money
after this war ends will not be
worth eny thing atall for it will
never be redeemed and without
it is it will be best to buy something
that will be some benifit to you
after this war is over.
I must bring my
letter to A close hoping to heare
from you all soon and often
so nothing more but remaining
your kind and Benevolent son
and Brother

J.. F.. Coghill

  1. deserters or those avoiding conscription
  2. noe = one
November 6, 1863


Company G, 23rd NC Infantry
Private to Corporal


Jonathan Fuller Coghill's Sister


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North Carolina
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Heather Cook
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May, 2011
Michael Ellis
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June, 2011

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